October 16, 2009
By Just_Some_Guy BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
Just_Some_Guy BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Reading is the thing we do to remind us of how much we'll never know.

"I worked in a coal mine when I was a boy"
"What was that, dear?"

When he was younger Tomas had rarely been pensive, spending most of his time at work or making connections with important people. With age came less responsibilities, however, which in turn led to more free time. It was during moments like these, sitting in the enormous chair in his living room and listening to the radio playing music from days he barely remember, that his mind would drift.

"I was just remarking on how funny it is that I went from an urchin to...all this" he spoke to his wife, who sat a few feet away.
"Ah. Hilarious, darling.?"
"Well...perhaps not funny...but at least lucky, eh?" he smiled.
"Yes dear, very lucky."
"It's just that...I could still be in the mine, having that damn foreman yelling at me every moment, making pennies a day. Our foremen are nothing like that, I made sure. I used to check once a year, they were wonderful. Just wonderful."
"Absolutely wonderful, darling."
"In fact, I wouldn't still be in a mine. I'd be long dead by now, black lung or one of those other awful diseases. Yes, this is much better."
"Of course, dear." she turned up the radio. Her hearing had been going lately, he knew this.
"I remember how I did it, too. I started to tell the foreman whenever another boy misbehaved, even the little things. Eventually he made it my job. After that..."
"After that?"

His wife was looking at him and he knew, but he feel like turning his head.

"Perhaps I don't remember. It was a long time ago, after all."
"Yes...I suppose it was."

Thomas coughed.

"Could you turn the radio down, my love?" he said. "It's practically deafening."

The author's comments:
I wrote this during the PSATS. I've been trying to do that thing Hemmingway does where the story is all dialog and subtext, and this is my best so far I think.

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