It Happened One Day

October 16, 2009
By TrueLove2009 BRONZE, Kent, Washington
TrueLove2009 BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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When I woke up I could tell it was late at night. I was laying on the cold kitchen floor with a large painful lump on the back of my head. As I looked around I realized the apartment wasn’t as it was when I had got home early that morning. My head was throbbing it felt like an anaconda was squeezing my brain to death. I tried to stand to my feet realizing that I couldn’t bear to walk or stand to tried and keep myself balanced out. As I’m laying on the floor with this large lump on the back of my head I tried to remember what I had did or done but I couldn’t, it hurt to think; not trying too hard to think I went for another effort to get to my feet but I still couldn’t. Looking around my apartment to try and figure out what I have done, nothing came to me still there was no sign at all in till the phone had rang…..I tried laboriously to get to the phone finally, reaching the phone, looking at the screen it reads “Da’marius “, I wasn’t quite sure who that was at the time in till I answered, “Hello?” he replies “Hey baby how are you? That was a craccin” party man everyone was there, I couldn’t believe you smoke dat much weed, and took all of those pills that is so crazy baby…” I’m thinking to myself is this guy crazy or is it just me? I don’t even know even know him. I couldn’t believe that I don’t even remember who this man is that is talking to me and calling me baby…. So I continued the conversation “So if I’m your baby then what is my name?” “Are you for real? You really think dat I’m going to cheat on u wit some otha female baby for real.” I wanted to explain to him that I don’t remember any of the stuff that went on that night and it hurt to think, but I didn’t think that he would believe me or anything so I just let it be for a while in till it comes to rest. But, I thought for a moment maybe I should tell him so I began, “So you’re telling me that there was a party and I was smoking weed and stuff and doing all these kinds of drugs. Well I woke up on the kitchen floor with this lump on my head and can’t even remember my name nor can I remember you or anyone els. Something happened during this party and it wasn’t good and I need to know what happen. My house is a mess everything in here is torn up and glass is all broken in the house on the floor and every where can you at least explain it to me? He sat there for a moment wondering what to say to me well at least that’s how I felt. He really couldn’t tell me what happened I think that he was too messed up to know also. Then everything changed, “I do know what happen that night, you throw a party and invited everyone in your phone and told them to bring whatever and if they didn’t bring anything you wouldn’t let them in

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