night entangled trees

October 16, 2009
By kirtsue BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
kirtsue BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Night; entangled trees filled with bats were just outside my window. It was a hot July night and I could not sleep. The air conditioning in my house was broke and i was burning up! I sat up in my bed staring out in to the clear night sky. Only a little sliver of the moon was showing so it almost completely dark. I watched as two bats fought in the trees over some mosquitoes for a mid night snack. I heard an owl in the distance. I could hear the loud noises of tree frogs and crickets I not a soul was out on the streets at this late hour but I longed to go out there and run through my neighbors sprinkler to cool my hot body down so I could maybe get some sleep. My eyes were growing heavier and heavier but still could not sleep. I tried counting sheep. 1 sheep, 2 luck. I continued to star out in to the night. I examined the tall tree with lengthy limbs and shaggy bark. I watched as the gently breeze nestled the leaves and blew one leaf off. As it fell softly to the ground I felt a sense of relaxation and fell into a deep sleep finally!

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