The Flight

October 6, 2009
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After a long, hard working year over seas, Cynthia Morgan returns home to Canton, Ohio to be with her family. Life as a general is NOT easygoing. As long as she's got her hobbies to keep her mind off of the constant booms and gun shots rattling in her brain, she'll be completely at peace. Cy hia is awaiting her arrival t the Ohio airport. She's tired, and is fantasizing the comfort of her feather blankets an pillows surrounding her like white clouds . However, she is interrupted by the rancid smeel of ariport bathrooms and tourists, carts constantly bumping hr elbow as they strolol on down the aisle.How can she bear the last 30 minutes? This 42 year old woman may be readt to explode but knows how much it is worth it to have an impact on the world.Morgan is thinking about her 3 daughters and handsome suuporting husband to put her mind at ease. How she lovers her family. Time flies by on that over night flight, and she paces herself into the terminal, and is welcomed and hugged by her loving family.

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