volleyball trouble

October 1, 2009
By hayleegoose BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
hayleegoose BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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The game was tied 24-24.The crowed was yelling with excitement. The gym echoed so the cheering never stopped. Both teams were undefeated in the summer league. Ashley was on the Jets she was tall with blond hair; she was real skinny but muscular. They were one of the best teams in the league they had blue jerseys and blue spandex. Amanda was on the Power she had brown hair and was short and chubby. They were one
Of the best teams also in the league. The Power was purple and had a purple jersey and black spandex. Amanda was the setter for the Power and Ashley was an outside hitter for the Jets. The Jets had the ball, Ashley was serving. The crowed went silent. The serve hit the net and landed on the other side making the score 25-24, you could feel the tension from everyone in the gym. You could also feel the excitement as the crowed did the wave in the stands, they were cheering so loud she couldn’t even hear herself think. Ashley was defiantly nervous after that serve. Everyone gave her high fives as she laughed because she was so nervous. The Jets only needed one more point to win the game. Ashley served again, as hard as she could. The ball hit Amanda’s hands and bounded off, making the Jets win the game. Amanda gave Ashley the meanest face you have ever seen, her eyes were squinted so much she could barley see. Amanda didn’t like Ashley because she was good at volleyball. Ashley didn’t really know why she hadn’t liked her but she was going to find out.

That night Ashley was sitting on her couch watching TV. All of a sudden the phone rang, Ashley’s mom answered.“ Hello.”

“Is Ashley there?” said Amanda. Ashley’s mom gave the phone to Ashley and the whole room went silent. You could hear the angry voice on the phone. After about a minuet or so Ashley slammed the phone down to hang up the conversation. Ashley face was bright red like a ripe tomato.

“Ashley what is wrong, who called?” Ashley’s mom asked.

“It was Amanda and about what happened tonight,” said Ashley.

“Well what did she say?” Ashley’s mom was worried about what was going on with her and Amanda she new it wasn’t Ashley fault.

“She said that if I try out for volleyball tomorrow she will do something to me.” Ashley really didn’t understand why she was mad.
“Oh dear that sounds like a threat” Ashley’s implied.
The summer league was different from the school league so Amanda did care if Ashley played but she did on the school league because she would have to put up with her everyday. The next morning they had volleyball practice before tryouts. Amanda would never set the ball to Ashley or look at her. The only time she would look at her is when she was glaring at her. Ashley went up to Amanda and asked what her problem was. Amanda just looked at her and stormed away. That afternoon Ashley had volleyball tryouts for the Indians, which was the school league. Ashley had no doubt that she wouldn’t make the team and she did. When Amanda found out she was so angry all she did was glare with Ashley. It was like you could almost see steam coming from her ears

It was the beginning of the season and they weren’t off to a good start the team hated each other they never got along. The Indians won the games but they hated being on the team. They had a love for the sport just not the team they were on. They were a good team but Amanda never set the ball to Ashley or even talk to her. Ashley decided to go up to Amanda again and see if she would answer this time. Ashley was so nervous it felt like a huge knot was in her stomach jus twisting and turning. She hated going up to people because she doesn’t like to speak up. She was starting to walk up to her. She walked real slowly with her face hung low.
“Amanda what is your problem?” Ashley had said. They were in the gym because practice had just ended. First Amanda was going to walk away so she sat there a while and waited she must of thought that Ashley would have just walked away but she didn’t.
“I don’t have a problem?” said Amanda.
“Then why do you never set the ball team or look or talk to me” Ashley began to say.

“Okay if you really want to know I will tell you. I hate how you are the best at everything even when we aren’t on the same team. You are the best sever and the best hitter on the team. I am only a setter and a not so good sever.” Amanda was saying.
You could tell she holds grudges because she was going on about stuff in first grade how I was the best at spelling and the best in P.E. Amanda finally apologized for being angry and giving me dirty looks and not talking to me. After that conversation we became friends. Ashley felt like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders. She thought the team worked well together and she like being there. The Indians finished the season going undefeated being the best team in the league.

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