Goals and Determination Can Go Along Way

September 30, 2009
By Allie225 SILVER, Castlegar, Other
Allie225 SILVER, Castlegar, Other
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I watched her on the stage performing. I was mesmerized by her beauty, the way she moved. They way she used her flexibility and strength.
I knew right then that I wanted to be like that. I knew that I wanted to be the one on that stage being watched. The thought of it all made me fell… gratifying.
I watched her bow gracefully, and take a bouquet of flowers handed to her by what I thought to be her coach.
I turned to my mother after the performance, grabbing her hand to gain her attention. “What?!” she asked me impatiently. I was taken aback, but continued on with telling her my new goal. She sighed before telling me that I would have to work very hard and be very determined, characteristics in which I lacked in. I looked at her disbelieving before running to the stairs. I looked up, feeling my eyes widen. Walking down the stairs smiling warmly was my hero, the dancer from before. She came down and greeted me kindly. I looked at her before saying that she was beautiful and because of her I wanted to be a dancer. She looked to me almost sympathetically and told me something that sounded oddly familiar. “You’ll have to work very hard, but if you are determined, you’ll make it.” She gave me an autograph and told me that my mother was frantically calling for me. I turned to see my mother, who was beside herself in grief, calling for me. She had just practically lost her own daughter. I almost laughed at the thought, but blushed instead. I say thank-you before leaving. I’m almost at the door, with my mother’s hands gripping tightly to my own, when I hear a small “Good Luck” I smiled and left.
That was then, and this is now.
Tonight is my night. I’m on the stage performing a dance that had won me many prizes. All eyes are on me but I fell no fear, just a sense of accomplishment. I go into my beginning pose for my ending “Grande-finale”. I begin to turn as I fell myself sway and I make a minor mistake, which only my coaches gasp at. I continue to smile and re-cooperate in seconds before I find myself dropping into the splits. I continue to smile as I see the tops of peoples head rise and clap for me. I get up gracefully and bow, taking a bouquet of flowers from my strict coach.
12 years of determination can go along way I say to me quietly before leaving the bright stage. I walk down the stairs to see a wide eyed little girl there, looking up at me. She puts her little hand to her moth before saying “you were bow-tiful tonight, becwause of you I want to be a dwancer just like vou!!!” She has a slight lisp and has trouble with a few words I notice. I smile at her warmly and say something I know her mother probably already has. “If you want to be a dancer then you’ll have to work very, very hard”
She nods her head in understanding. I continue to smile before giving her a rose.
Her smiles widen because of the rose and even more when I tell her that her mothers looking for her. She turns to the women who I assumed to be her mother before blushing. She looks back to me before leaving and says a quiet thank you. I watch her leave as I hear the words “Good Luck” escape my lips.
I see her turn slightly before leaving. She heard me.
The smile on face grows wider because I know she’ll make it, just like I did.

The author's comments:
This is a piece I randomly made up one night because I had to write as tory the nex tday about different charcters in english. Didnt exactly turn out the way i wanted it to:)

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