7 Days at the Hot Corner

September 30, 2009
In baseball the “hot corner” refers to third base because you always have to be ready for what’s coming next.Scott is the starting third baseman for Thompson High School’s varsity baseball team and a really good athlete. He hasn’t exactly had the best home life though since his parents separated and divorced. When he and his friend, Travis, go to the batting cages for a couple of “cuts,” Travis ends up on the ground with a baseball print on his face and blood pouring everywhere. Here his life takes a turn for the worst, and he seems not to be just at the “hot corner” on the baseball diamond, but also in everyday life. It seems nothing is going right and his life is falling apart. And with the All-City High School Tournament coming up and his best friend revealing himself in a “Coming Out” article in the school newspaper, he will have to make his life right again in the next seven days, or his life won’t be worth living.

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