Jack and the Conche

August 24, 2009
By Anonymous

A conche. A beautiful seashell,

Jack went to a remote part of a New Port beach. He found the most beautifull conche, it was a peach color with dark orange in it. Jack brought it home with him. On the Day of the Dead, a Spanish holliday, he was listening to the ocean. It seamed to be calling him, thats when the conche turned a bloo-red color. Sea weed came out of it and grabed Jack and pulled him in. Insted of looking out into him room Jack was looking up at a cloudless blue sky.He was in the middle of the Bermuta Triangle! The ocean was churning angerly around him.
" Jack " a voice called "Dive down Jack. Come meat me Jack. I'm the greatest thing in the whole ocean! " the voice coued

Jack dived down deeper anf deeper untill he was seeing spots from lack of air.

" Haha Jack. I tricked you. " the voice said ecoing all around him. " I'm no magnificent thing. I'm just a voice inside your head. In a few seconds that wont matter anyway, you're dieing Jack, dieing. "

The author's comments:
The reason I wrote this was I love a good story that makes your blood fell like ice.Not that this is the best story under the sun, but hey it's creapy! : )

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