The Real Junior High School Life of The Amazing Moesha (Part 1)

August 13, 2009
By yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
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I’m The Amazing Moesha, and I’m in seventh grade. In seventh grade, and junior high in general there are all kinds of people like: Fairies, the nicest of them all, Wizards, the smartest of their time, and Witches, the meanest of these people.

School changes based upon the attitudes of the kids! There are all different people and groups they are in! I’m in the FAB 5 these are the coolest girls in school! Miraculous Meg, Dancin’ Danny, Wonderful Mel, Pearly Ilene, and me are all apart of the FAB 5. They’re the best friends a girl can have. Plus the boys Mickey, Shawn, James, Daniel, and Robert are also friends of the FAB 5. OH NO, here comes Horrible Holly and her evil clones of followers. These girls are so mean, evil, and self centered that people are so afraid to say their names. I’m a brave girl and definitely AM NOT afraid of these witches and their CLIQUE. Holly walks up to me and says,” Move over road kill!” So I say, “If you have nothing nice to say, please don’t say anything at all!” Then poof, I use my magic to zap Horrible Holly and her evil clones of followers to Perpetual detention! Everybody cheers! Once again I have saved the day! Once I come home to my family, boy am I pumped! Until Terrible Timmy comes and trips me, and makes me fall! Anyway at dinnertime I explain to Mom and Dad that there was to be an essay contest at school and that I was going to enter.

After dinnertime I went to bed to get a good night sleep for the upcoming school day!

BRRRRIIINNNGGG!!!! The alarm clock sounds. I wake up and start to think …. DO I REALLY HAVE TO GET UP NOW!!! Anyway I get ready to go to school and meet up with the FAB 5! School is going pretty well until I remember there is gym class today!!! Today we had to climb the ROPE! The rope scared many kids! It determined if you were strong enough or even good enough for the class. It didn’t matter if you didn’t want to climb it; it just mattered if you had enough Determination to fight it! I of course was determined to climb the rope! Once it was my turn all you could hear was CLIMB THE ROPE! CLIMB THE ROPE! CLIMB THE ROPE! I had lots of encouragement so I climbed and climbed and climbed till eventually I got to the bell and rang it! As I was climbing down I slipped, and let go of the rope! Fortunately Shawn Mc Kinny caught me just in time! Was it that smile, those dimples, or those muscles that caught my eye? What do you think! After that amazing incident I went to go meet up with the girls! The girls were planning to have a sleepover at Mel’s house which would include manicures, pedicures, scary movies, popcorn, Truth or Dare and much more at the sleepover.

That night at the sleepover the girls were in the middle of a game of truth or dare. It was Danny’s turn to ask so she asked me. Obviously I picked truth. Danny asked me who my crush was and I said,” It’s Shawn Mc Kinny.” Everybody started to laugh everyone was surprised! I often change my mind about boys. The rest of the night we laughed and ate. Then we went to bed at three in the morning. The next day which was a Saturday, the girls and I went to the mall to go shopping! First we went to Shoes Galore, then Fashionita 101. Finally we went to the food court, where I saw Horrible Holly hanging out with Shawn Mc Kinny, I forgot they were close friends! You couldn’t believe how furious I was! We ate, then went back to Mel’s house, gathered up our stuff, and went home. Monday morning I met up with my friends at our lockers we talked about the fun sleepover we had. Ilene brought up that the essay contest was coming up. I had so many ideas for this project I couldn’t wait to start. The winning essay would be published in the school newspaper. As soon as I got home, I got on my laptop and started typing.

My story was about a girl who suddenly dreamt herself into this fantasy land where everything was upside down. I kept typing till about ten o’clock, and I actually finished. I got so into the story I had no other desire than to finish it. Now that I t was finished, all I had to do was print it. I passed it in that next day of school. Then Shawn walked passed me in the hallway and said,”Hey Mo,” I almost melted into my sneakers. “Before it was hey,” I said The FAB 5, “but now it’s hey Mo, you just got to love him.” The FAB 5 all laughed Shawn was all I talked about these days. We were walking down the hallway when we saw a sign for the school dance.

Everyone was talking about it. What to wear, who to go with, what to ride in. I was obsessed over it. Fortunately I found the perfect dress made by Fashionita 101. It was a purple spaghetti strap dress with a shrug. It was perfect for the dance.

The boys were probably going to ask each one of the FAB 5 to the dance. I was praying Shawn asked me, it would totally make my day! The next day which was a Wednesday, the boys suggested that we the FAB 5 should go with them to the movies. We went to watch Alien Crusher.

After the thriller movie the 10 of us were all talking loud out in the streets not caring who was bothered by our screams and yells. The boys were asking if any of us were going to the dance with one another. Yah we know the boys are shy, but one by one they asked us girls top the dance. Mickey asked Meg, James asked Danny, Daniel ask Mel, Robert asked Ilene and I was left. I wasn’t asked by any of the other boys. Shawn and I were left. He came up to me and said, “Hey um… Moesha you want to go to the dance with me?” I was relieved! Wedding bells rang in my head. I was SOOOO happy. The girls were looking at me I had not yet answered. It took me a while to realize didn’t say anything, but I then got the picture and said yes.

This was like a Cinderella story for me, I got my guy!!! After the movies we went to the arcade. The girls were all huddled up together all happy they got asked out! I was stunned I thought I was dreaming until Mel gave me a little pinch so I would stop staring into space.

The girls were so happy for me! They knew I had a major crush on Shawn since the second grade. I was so syked. I couldn’t wait till Shawn showed up on my doorstep with a rose in a suit waiting for me! I couldn’t believe it was happening. The dance was Friday and I was totally looking forward to it. The essay contest winner was to be announced by Mrs. Singleton. She was just about to announce the winner,” Ok class the teachers and I chose very wisely and carefully. So our seventh grade essay contest winner is…” I panicked; I couldn’t wait! Would it be me? “… Moesha, she had done an amazing job on details, and her form and style of writing.” I was so excited everyone clapped for me, “Also as you know Moesha,” Mrs. Singleton said, “Your story will be published in the school newspaper so everyone can read it.” “Thanks Mrs. Singleton it’s an honor!” I said. I was so glad, maybe Shawn would be impressed! After school all the girls and me, plus the boys went to Gregorio’s pizza. It’s the best Pizza in all of Trevorton. We talked, we ate, and laughed. It was a happy experience it’s good to have a little time off from school work once in a while. Days went by and the dance was soon to be the tomorrow of Thursday.

SURPRISE! IT’S THURSDAY! I’m so excited about tomorrow I can’t wait. I’m going to look gorgeous for the dance and I have the best date nothing can go wrong now!

Last day of school for the week!!
Day of the Dance!!!

Ok so today is the day of the dance this morning I got to go meet up with the girls at our lockers their also excited! Once we’re done with our lockers we go meet with the boys to confirm when they’re picking us up. The boys were squirmish but they’ll get over it. The school day is done now! Time to go home, and get ready for the dance! When I’m getting ready I put on my stylin’ dress, my earrings, my bracelets, and my necklace. All I have to do is my hair then my makeup. My hair is going to be down but in curls it looks fabulous! My makeup is perfect! Now for the matching shrug and purse. I look like a beauty queen.

Now I just have to wait for Shawn just like I imagined on my doorstep with a rose in his hand. DING DONG! I think he’s here! I’m so nervous. Oh gosh lip-gloss a girl’s best friend can’t forget to put that on. Ok now I look perfect. Well, Shawn is waiting. Got to go downstairs can’t wait till he takes a look at me. Coming down the stairs I can’t believe what’s happening to me. This should be the best night I’ve ever had. When I’m downstairs Shawn is speechless. He can’t believe it. He’s stunned. “You look… great Moesha,” Shawn says, “I’m glad I asked you to the dance!” “Thanks,” I say. Then Shawn gives me the rose and I thank him again. Mom gets out the camera and starts taking billions of pictures. “Please, Mom no more pictures we got to go!”

Then I run out the door with Shawn so we won’t be late it wasn’t a long walk it was just around the block. Dad yells out, “Shawn you better take care of her,” Shawn yells back, “Don’t worry I will.” Shawn says back. I start laughing. Good old Dad … good old Dad hehehe.

When Shawn and I arrived the rest of the FAB 5 and their dates are waiting for us outside! This year’s theme was. Paris. So everything seemed… how you say… French! Everything was amazing there was an Eiffel Tower, Croissants, and everything! The dance committee did a really good job on this. Tonight was a special night. There was great food and a rockin’ band with great music! Could tonight be even more perfect? Mrs. Singleton called me up to make a speech because I won the essay contest. I said,” Hey all you having a great night I know I am, I just want to say you guys like are the school without you nothing could happen here! This night should be special for all you and your dates hope you have a great night! Thank You,” Never had I been so nervous to just come up with a speech I mean seriously I didn’t even have time to plan it out. The band ACD’s is playing a slow song, this was my chance. Shawn got up and said to me, “Hey would you like to dance?” I was to excited BOOOYAAHHH! I thought. I’m dancing with Shawn Mc Kinny YAH!

It was the most magical night ever I just need one more thing to make it really special hopefully it would happen! If it didn’t that would be ok this night was already magical. After the slow dancing we had rap and hip hop music and boy were people dancing. We were jumpin and yellin and everything it was so fun! The dance is now coming to an end it was fun while it lasted. It’s remarkable how all good things come to an end. Shawn walked me home and while in front of my house we stopped and there was a silence. I knew my special wish wouldn’t come true so I said good night and headed for the door, but just then Shawn grabbed my hand and kissed me on the cheek! I was totally surprised my wish had come true this had been a Cinderella story for me, nothing could go wrong now! I guess that means he likes me how cool! “This was the best night ever,” I said to him, “Now I’ll make it official!” I kissed him on the cheek smiled and said good night once more! This was the best day ever, and I will never forget it!!! I walked into the house and Mom and Dad were waiting for me. Mom asked, “Did you have a good time?” I replied, “I had the greatest time of my life.” I immediately ran up the stairs, turned on my CD player and played my favorite love songs. I started to sing loudly. After about and hour I started to watch TV and get ready for bed. Then my phone started ringing, it was Shawn! Excuse me; I got to take this phone call!

To be continued…

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I love basketball! I watch it on TV all the time. Gotta love those Celtics!. I play basketball, gymnastics, softball and that's about it. I can also sing and draw as well<3

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