The Spider

July 24, 2009
By Izzie Brady BRONZE, Holiday, Florida
Izzie Brady BRONZE, Holiday, Florida
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It was a long, dark, corridor hallway. The brick walls on both sides covered in a slimy, goopy substance. At the top of the wall, right at the ceiling, is covered with a gigantic spider web, as the spider must be lurking and watching somewhere.
A little girl about the age of eleven, walked around the corner. She had long, blonde curly hair that extended down to her knees, and bounced every time she took a step. Her skin reflection was almost as white as paper. Her bright blue eyes full of emotion, as her long, flowing, blue and white dress, skimming the wet, dusty ground, her black shoes making little taps on the floor.
The taps stopped as she froze. Right down the hall at the turn was the gigantic spider. Its big red eyes staring back at her, its black hairy body half on the wall, and half on the floor, in an attacking position. It had a big red hourglass on its back.
The spider started to creep toward the girl, a grin forming on its face. She gasped in horror of the size of the spider, and even worse, how it eyed her.
She started to back away, then turned around and started running, in fear for her life.
The spider, amused of it all, walked right behind her, licking its black lips in delight, as the girl started running faster.
It started getting annoyed, as it started to walk quite a bit faster, using the wall to help it maneuver from being so large.
The girl was almost at the end of the hall when she saw a hole at the end of the hallway that she didn’t remember seeing before.
She tried to stop, or at least slow down, but instead she was slipping and falling. She went to grab hold on the wall for support, but that made it worse. She fell, and was inches from the hole when all of a sudden-
“Bring!” An alarm clock went off. It was just another weird dream.

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