July 29, 2009
By Bree Basgil BRONZE, Crosby, TX 77532, Texas
Bree Basgil BRONZE, Crosby, TX 77532, Texas
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Two charcoaled lustered magnets clung together on the silver, sleek, stainless steel, double door refrigerator. They were enveloped by littered photos, sticky notes, report cards, grocery lists, and out-of-the-line colored pictures. I took the magnets in hand and pried the negative and positive apart. I flipped one over and tried to put the negatives together, but an invisible force stayed in between. I swirled them around in circles but no loophole could be found. I kept at in till the negative snuck over and stuck to the positive. “Ugh!,” I fumed. I hastily flipped over both and tried the positives but they were just as stubborn. “Jeez! Can’t ya’ll just talk it out?” I threw of the magnets down on the red wooden floor, stepped down on either side of it, and bent over to shove the other magnet towards it. Still, even with my body weight, it wouldn’t close the gap. I tossed my hair out of my face and stood back up. “Ya’ll are being pathetic and childish!,” I growled. “Bree!,” Mom exclaimed. I swung around, “What?!,” I barked. “Chill, some things just don’t belong together.” “Ugh!,” I threw up the trash can lid, chunked the magnets in the trash, slammed the lid down, and stormed off. “I will be in my room!,” I yelled behind me.

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