Starlight Silhouettes

March 14, 2009
By Destenee Fuller BRONZE, Homestead, Pennsylvania
Destenee Fuller BRONZE, Homestead, Pennsylvania
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There I was.. on the rooftop of the building.. inches away from life as I know it. Did I want to die? No not really, I could handle my life it's just too boring, I just needed to experience something life changing. I wanted to be able to look down on the lives of the ones I loved and see how much ,if any at all, I've influenced their lives. Or how life is without me. It might sound a little sick, that I'm saying this. And most of you might think I'm crazy. But I swear to you I am thinking perfectly logical. In the words of Ms.Marylin Monroe herself.. "..Madness is genius..," not that I'm insinuating in any way that I'm mad but just the thought is genius.
The world is moving in slow motion.. The skies get darker.. And clouds are moving in.. Precisely at this moment.... at this moment precisely I felt the earth stand completely still, so I seized the opportunity I slowly back up against the edge. I was prepared.. Prepared to jump, to fall.. to die. But Nick bursts through the door of the rooftop.. He was screaming something at me.. I cant understand the words. His face.. it was blurry but yet I could see all the emotion, he was in pain..In so much pain, the look in his eyes I'll never forget it. No matter how hard I try. That single look alone broke my heart and it shattered into dust;; with the wind blew the pieces. I inched closer to the edge. Tears running down his face.. So many words left unsaid.. he turned and ran away. I stood still, watching. Why was he crying.. I didn't understand. I slowly turned and looked down below me and in my head I said. If the wind was blowing at exactly 3 mph I would land on the deck of the apartment 3 stories below. If I wasn't lucky I would land 20 stories down on the concrete sidewalk.

The author's comments:
Hi, everyone. Well, this is just part of a story that I write, and I wanted to sharae it with you. Thank you for reading it! :)

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