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March 10, 2009
By NathanLaughs BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
NathanLaughs BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
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The warm tears, stinging, dripped from my nose and landed in the white piles below my face. The cold chilling was cold and light. And wonderful, it was more wonderful that anything. I whipped my eyelashes of the salty tears and bit my lower lip, trying to make the crying ease. I pulled my hand back from my wrist were a fresh line of red increased quickly in width by the second as the warm blood tickled out from the cut. I sat there in the snow, a desert of nothing but white all around me as if it went on for miles in every direction, stranding me. I sank to my knees in the white fluff and barried my arm under it, the cold melting and vacating my veins with the icy chill, freezing the nerves biting at my insides. The feeling was undeniably horrible, painful, terrible. I pulled my arm up from the snow, crimson smeared everywhere as I squeezed my forearm, screaming with pain, pouring out tears. Drips of blood fell below me into the snow.
"God, please, if there is a God there," I prayed in desperation. "I need you so badly, I need you..." I turned and flopped myself on my back in the snow, filling my ears, muting all sounds around me. Numbing my body, as if my soul was not longer connected to anything but the small flakes of falling snow around me. The flakes got caught in my eyelashes, giving a refreshing, relieving feeling as I closed my eyelids slowly. I laid and felt the snow fall on my body, taking from it and sending me to a new place.

The author's comments:
This piece was written in the Power of the Pen competition in the February of 2008, when I was a 7th grader. This is the rewritten, in my opinion better version of it. The prompt was "Snow- describe it, and revel in it!" At the time, I had no idea what revel meant, so I wrote this.

Upon giving this revised version to my teacher, I was sent to the school guidence councilor. Who would have guessed?

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