Kissing Nightmares

July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Oh wow! Every morning I wake up and try really hard for about 30min. to remeber whatever I had dreamt the night before. Last nights dream was the best dream yet the worst nightmare I ever could have had!I dreamt that I was being kissed by Max, one of my best friends but worse, one of my best friend's boyfriend! I used to dream about Max all the time but that was 2 years ago, when I liked him and everyone knew it. It has taken 2 long years but everyone knows we're just friends now. But apparently my subconscious didnt know that! Even worse was that I enjoyed kissing him. I wish I never would have woken up from that dream. Never ever ever. I enjoyed every second of it! The tingling feeling in my lips. His breath... It was as if I was having an affair with my best friends boyfriend. I too had a boyfriend, and I did feel horrible but so spectacular! Then I woke up.

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