Caution Street

July 10, 2009
By Ruben Briones BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
Ruben Briones BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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It had been my big day at school I had won the science fair. It was an hour from the class ending and I was exited to go show my mom my big trophy. I kept bugging my teacher if It was time to go yet and she kept saying no ugh what a drag.
She finally gave way and said it was time to go I told her if I could call my mom and she said yes, so I did, nobody answered so I figured I had to walk home. I started to walk home and I was mad at my mom for leaving me to walk on one of the best days I had I was kicking rocks and dirt along the way out of anger I got to the street that leads to the block where my house is, and it started to sprinkle it was called cantaloupe street, my mom told me that a lot of cholos hanged in there but I never saw any I walked on and a black pit-bull jumped on the fence and scared me it looked as if it wanted to eat me it had deep dark eyes and drooling all over I ran to get past the fence that kept him from ripping my guts out . There I saw a house, an old shack more, I heard screaming then a man came out running and a woman came out walking with something following him, she stopped at the sidewalk and raised her hand I could see something shiny, seconds later, I heard a gunshot, she shot the man and I saw him fall dead! I ran back, and it started to pour rain and there was thunder and a black sky and took the long way home but I was so scared it seemed seconds that I got there I saw my mom making dinner. I was still panting and I went to my room and rested, a few minutes later I came back and asked my mom “Why do people kill others mom?
She hesitated then answered “that’s just the way it is here” “why mijo” oh nothing I replied and went back to my room.

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