The murder of Natalie Martinez

January 26, 2009
By Paola Sanchez, Aurora, CO

"Come on! Hurry up Ashley! We're going to be late."Said Natalie to her best friend. "I know
I know! Dang girl I'm trying to find my hat!"Said Ashley. "Who cares about the stupid hat?"
Asked Natalie. "Huh, Hello!? It's my lucky hat DUH! Yes! Found it!"Said Ashley. "Lucky my
butt. Ha ok let's go! Tony just called me he said he was waiting for us outside."Said Natalie
running out the door. Today was supposed to be the best day of the school year. The seniors yearly
prank was happening today. And everybody was really excited. Well at least the seniors were! "Hey
Tony"They both said together.

As they got into Tony's car Tony started talking about something he heard on the news. As usual
they didn't believe him because he was always joking around with them like that. Natalie and
Ashley just made fun of him and laughed. "I'm trying to tell you guys something IMPORTANT!"
Said Tony. "Yea right TONY! We can't believe you anymore."they both said They got to school
they could only think about what Tony had said in the ride there. "Why does Tony like scaring
us?"Said Natalie. "For some reason I don't think he was kidding this time."Said Ashley.
"Come on are you serious Ashley?"Said Natalie. "Well for some reason I have this really weird
feeling and I don't know what it is and you know that I get that feeling every time something bad
is about to happen."Said Ashley. "That's true so we should watch out."Said Natalie. "Hey
I see Luis!!!"Ashley said teasing and nudging Natalie. " I KNOW ISN'T HE SOOO CUTE?"Said
Natalie squealing. "Ha Ha well I'm going to go talk to Tony wile you go talk to your boy toy!"
Said Ashley. "OK THANKS LOVE YA!!"Said Natalie to her best friend giving her a hug and walking
off. Luis was Natalie's boyfriend they had been together for almost a year and he adored her and
she adored him they were perfect for each other. "Hey Baby!"Said Luis as he kissed and hugged
Natalie. "Hey Baby!"Said Natalie kissing him back. "Are you ready for the prank?"He asked.
"No Duh of course I am I can't wait! Can you?"She asked him as they walked off together. As
they walked off together a guy in a red car only looked at the couple holding hands and walking off
together. "I'm going to get that girl I always have loved her but she has never left me be with
her well now I'm going to get my pay back. I swear I will no joke I WILL!!"said Jean. He
watched them go into the school together. The only thing he could think about was when he was going
to have Natalie in his arms. And how he was going to do that without anybody knowing. He didn't
know if he should rape her than kill her or just touch her and leave with out her knowing who it
was. He kept on thinking as he drove off. "Dang where were you two love birds?"Said Ashley.
"Ha ha very funny Ashley! We were just talking bout the annual prank. Dang can a boyfriend and a
girlfriend have some privacy for once in their life's."Said Natalie. "Ok calm down you two.
And seriously Ashley can two "love"birds have some privacy for once? Ha."Said Luis hugging
Natalie. The gang walked to the prank site together while they all talked and laughed and joked
around! While all the friends were having fun Jean was thinking about what he was going to do to
Natalie when nobody was there. Ashley was still thinking about what Tony had told them in his car on
the way to school. And Natalie was thinking about her and Luis and of course what Tony had said and
how Ashley believed that maybe what Tony had said was true.

"Hey Tony can I ask you something?"Asked Ashley. "Yea what is it?"Replied Tony. "Were
you serious about what you told us in your car this morning?"Asked Ashley. "Yea why wouldn't
I be you know I don't joke around with that stuff. I joke around but not like that you should know
me by now Ashley."Said Tony. " I don't know but I have a feeling something bad is going to
happen to Natalie Tony and I don't know what it is and you know those bad feelings always come
true."Ashley told Tony worried about her best friend. "That's true cause the same thing
happened last year when I got my car you told me you had a bad feeling and I crashed my car."Tony
told Ashley. "Let's just hope that this time your bad feeling doesn't come true."Said Tony
hugging Ashley has she kept on worrying.

As Tony and Ashley walked off she caught a glance at Jean's car and screamed. "Oh my god!
That's Natalie's ex he was like obsessed with her when they went out when she was a sophomore
and he was a senior! She broke up with him cause he was like stalking her and she was starting to
get freaked out! She broke up with him and the first thing he told her was I can't believe you
just brought this against yourself! Your going to pay for breaking my heart! Natalie was terrified
and than she started going out with Luis and he stopped stocking her but looks like he's back! And
I know exactly for what!"Ashley told Tony crying and scared for her best friend. "Oh my god!
I'll be right back get Natalie and Luis try to keep them together the whole time the prank is going
don't let her go any where by herself that guy must really love her to go to that much just to be
with her. And the biggest thing is DON'T tell Natalie that he's here I bet she'll freak and we
don't want that!"demanded Tony trying his best to protect his best friend Natalie. "Ok ok
I'll go get them I'll tell Luis not to leave her by herself. I know he'll ask why but who
cares."Said Ashley hugging Tony and telling him to watch out. Has Ashley walked to Natalie and
Luis she saw the car again and ran as fast as she could. When she got to them Natalie saw that
Ashley was freaking out and she was starting to guess why. "He's here isn't he?"asked
Natalie. "Who?"Asked Luis and Ashley "Jean!"Said Natalie "How'd you know?"Ashley
said starting to cry "I've seen him at the school almost everyday this week! He tried talking to
me but I walked off I know he was mad."Said Natalie "WHY didn't you tell me that?"Asked
Ashley "I didn't tell you because I knew you would worry."Said Natalie "Well of course
I'm going to when what Tony told me is true and it's not a lot of girls it's one girl and that
girl IS YOU! He still loves you Ashley and he'll do anything to be with you and you know that
because he told you."She told Natalie "What he does not I never told him I loved him and I
never wanted him to love me either he's just obsessive with everything he does. And he would never
do that either and YOU KNOW IT ASHLEY he would never do anything to hurt me He told me that a
MILLION of times and you were there about the time he would say it too. And I still don't
believe what Tony said and if it's true of course it's not going to me or anybody at this school
because he said that the guy lives in Miami and were in Port Saint Lucie."Natalie told Ashley
trying to calm her down. "You are so STUPID Natalie Jean freaking lives in Miami just in case you
didn't know that and he's here right now. Tony went off to talk to him or something I have no
idea what he went to do but you have to watch out Natalie."Ashley said amazed at how stupid her
best friend was. "He's not going to do anything to me he doesn't have the guts to do anything
to me and you know that Ashley you know that so stop trying to scare me I'll look out for my self
but you'll see he's just going to try to talk to me. Like what he usually does every time he
tries to talk to me and I walk away relax nothing is going to happen to me relax."She told Ashley
trying to calm her down Again. "Ok I'm really lost I only know we're talking about that stupid
idiot Jean and that's it."Said Luis jumping in as he felt lost. "Ha Ha Luis Natalie will tell
you later after we finish this discussion! And Natalie that what you think that he doesn't have
the guts to do anything to you but if he's really in love he will do ANYTHING he can to get to be
with you and to get to see you. You know how obsessed guys are remember what happened to Elizabeth
with her obsessive ex boyfriend who raped her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it
and now he's in jail. Use your head NATALIE USE YOUR GOD DAMN HEAD!"said Ashley "Oh my god
Ashley you're not helping right now. He's not going to do anything to me. And I know that for a
fact and you do to. So just STOP ASHLEY!"she told her. "Wow Natalie you seriously don't think
that guys will do what you don't think they have the guts to guys have the guts to do
EVERYTHING!"Said Ashley walking away "Luis just take care of her ok?"She told him "Ok
Ashley I will!"Luis said After a while Natalie had to go to the bathroom Luis was at the prank
still and Natalie told him she'd be right back. As she was walking to the bathroom from the prank
sight she noticed that the same car as usual was there and of course it was Jean. She walked up to
the car as Jean had known she was going to which of course was part of the plan. "What are you
doing here Jean?"Asked Natalie. "I'm here to talk to you every time I come over you just
completely ignore me and leave right when I'm trying to talk to you."Said Jean "Well I feel
like your still stalking me and I don't know I just think it's weird you know."Said Natalie
"I'm not stalking you I just came to tell you that I was sorry for everything I did to you when
we were together and I didn't mean for you to think that I'm sorry!"He said pretending to act
like it was all his fault when he knew it wasn't his fault. "Ok I forgive you ok just leave
because people are starting to think stuff."Said Natalie "Ok I will but you have to give me a
hug first."He said "Ha Ha ok I'll give you a hug."She said getting into the car to give
him a hug. "See why couldn't you have just trusted me?"Asked Jean "Well because you were
obsessed and I'm sorry ok do u forgive me?"She asked. She got started to get out of the car
when Jean pushed her back in and kissed her and than put a wet towel on her face. "I said I was
going to get you one way or another."He said laughing. "YOUR GOING TO BE MINE!"He said He
drove all the way back to Miami and took her out of the car and to his apartment. Since it took so
long to drive from Miami to Port St. Lucie he had enough time to drive her while she was blacked
out. Natalie started to wake up. She looked around and was about to scream. "Where am I? what am I
doing her? Jean? Where's Luis?"She asked confused "It's me Jean you're not at school with
your little boyfriend Luis. You aren't going to go back either."He said "WHAT? Jean stop
messing with me get me back to school RIGHT NOW!"Natalie demanded. "I'm not playing baby. I
said your going to be mine one way or another. I have you now! Ha you should have listened to your
best friend Ashley guys who are obsessed will do ANYTHING to be with the one they love. And I love
you so I'm going to do anything to be with you trust me!"He said "Get away from me you freak
I can't believe you're doing this to me. I thought I could trust you your going to bring me back
right?"She asked "Ha Ha you're not going to see your family or friends for A LONG time or
should I just say NEVER! Nobody can know about this and nobody's going to know either."He said
"So I'm just not going to see them or are you just going to kill me like on those movies come on
Jean there are so much better ways to fix your problems then to kidnap me. You don't have to do
this I know you love me with all your heart but I don't love you and you have to forget about me
all your doing is making yourself go crazy for something that doesn't matter and isn't worth
it."She said trying to get him t calm down. "Wow Natalie this is why I love you because you
always care about everyone and everything and look I'm not crazy I'm just in love and I need you
I need to be with you and since you're not going to let me do it the nice or good way I'm going
to have to do it the hard way and I don't want to do that either."He said taking out a gun from
under the bed. "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT JEAN?"she asked terrified "What I just
told you. I'm going to have you one way or another and this is the hard way. If you don't listen
to me you're going to have a very painful death well you're going to anyways but still. You're
going to do everything I tell you to or else I'll shoot ok?"He said "Ummm Jean seriously
you're starting to freak me out what are you going to do with that? Seriously?"She asked
backing away "Don't move! I already told you that you're going to be MINE and only mine. So
take off your clothes or I'll shoot!"he demanded "What? I'm not taking off my clothes for
you!"She said he pointed the gun up at her and she started to take her clothes off. "Fine I'll
do it. I'm really starting to hate this Jean I can't believe you still!"she taking off all
her clothes. "I know you don't like this at all but baby your going to have to live with it
because I'm not going to let you go anywhere."Jean said "Get off me what are you doing?"
she asked screaming as Jean got on her. He put the same towel he had in the car with sleeping spray
on her face and she blacked out again. Natalie had been raped by her ex stalker boyfriend. A few
hours pasted again and Natalie woke up at dawn. Jean was still awake staring at her. "Oh my god I
hate you so much I can't believe you Ashley was right!"She said crying "UH DUH she was right
she's always right I think she'll be my next victim. No never mind I don't love her like I
love you."He said "Jean I can't believe you I seriously can't how can you have done this to
me?"She asked "I already told you a obsessed guy will do anything to be with the one he loves
the most."He said repeating himself again for the millionth time. "Yea whatever Jean get me out
of here! NOW!"Natalie said "Baby remember what I told you right before everything happened your
not getting out of here alive!"he said "Jean please don't kill me! Please don't I don't
want to die yet!"she said crying again "To bad babe you've made me go through way to much for
me to just forgive you like that! I'm sorry but your going to have to give me Luis's number."
He said and demanded. "What I should be telling you that and why do you need his number?"she
asked. "I need to tell him your not coming back ever."He said "Come on Jean!"she said "I
already told you unless you want me to go back to Port St. Lucie and show everybody your dead
body."He said "No and fine here's his number. Can you please not kill me?"She said "To
late for begging sweetie!"Jean said Natalie could only pray that Jean wouldn't kill her just to
kill her because she didn't want to be with him. "Please Jean I'll do anything!"Natalie
said "To late for that to I already got what I wanted baby."Jean said laughing

Back in Port St. Lucie Ashley thought that Natalie was with Luis still. And Tony was still trying
to find a way to get Natalie to safety but the big thing was they had no idea that Jean had already
taken her. And did everything he wanted to her.

"Luis where's Natalie?"Asked Ashley "She told me she was going to go to the bathroom like
10- 20 minutes ago. I'm starting to get scared because I can't find her."Luis told Ashley
AGO?"Ashley asked Luis starting to get scared. "Yes but I didn't think it was true she told
me she was going to the bathroom and that she'd be back in 5 minutes."Said Luis "LUIS!"
Ashley said. "What?"Luis replied "You stupid dumb butt. You know the Jean guy was here and
you let her go by herself!"Said Ashley starting to freak out again. "Well sorry! She told me
she would be back right away. And I waited for her out of the bathroom but she told me to go that
she'd be safe."Luis replied "HUH! Luis sometimes you're just soft to the head! Let's
just go looking for her ok? I'm going to go get Tony be right back."She said "Ok that's
fine with me!"Luis said

Luis stayed right there worrying about his Natalie. While Jean was laughing as hard as he could
because he finally got all he wanted and everything he wanted to do with Natalie was done. Luis was
just thinking about where Natalie could be and than after 5 minutes of thinking his phone started to

"Hello?"Luis said "What's up Luisy poo?"Jean Asked "Who's this?' Luis asked
"It's Jean! I have your baby Natalie!"Jean said laughing "You WHAT?"Luis said standing
up "I HAVE YOUR BABY NATALIE YOU HEARD ME MAN!"Jean said louder "Where are you and where is
she?"Luis asked freaking out "She's with me right now! Where else would she be smart one?"
Jean said "What'd you do to her? Please don't hurt her! I'll do anything just don't
touch her!"Luis begged "TO LATE FOR THAT BUDDY! I already did what I wanted with her!"Jean
DUMPED ME FOR YOU!"Jean said "Look I told you our first year of high school when you we're
still here. And you think I'm not going to do anything don't mess with Natalie mess with her
and your DEAD!"Luis yelled "Wow Luis you think your better than me!"Jean said laughing
"Yes actually I do think I'm better than you Jean. If you were better than me Natalie
wouldn't have dumped you for me!"Luis said "Ha Ha! Luis all I'm going to tell you is that
your NEVER going to see Natalie for all you want and beg she's mine and only mine and cause of
that since she already was mine I'm going to kill her so nobody else can have her Luis your
screwed!"Jean said "COME ON WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KILL HER?"Luis asked "Because I don't
want anyone else to have her I already told you that and I'm telling you this so that you don't
think I don't think about anybody's loved ones. And to bad for you Luis! The gun is already
pointing to her head!"Jean said laughing again.

Ashley knew Luis was talking to Jean she took the phone and started talking. "Jean it's me
Ashley Please don't kill Natalie it's not her fault you're obsessed with her just let her go
and we'll be all fine I promise!"Ashley said "To late for that babe! Natalie was only mine
and now I'm going to kill her so say your last good byes right now!"Jean said handing Natalie
the phone "Hello?"Natalie said crying "BABY!"Luis said excited to hear her voice "Luis
oh my god you don't know how much I love you."Natalie said "I know and you can't imagine
how much I love you you're my everything I live and die for you sweetie and I can't believe
he's doing this to you do everything he says we'll go get you! Well we'll try to get you safe
and sound ok babe? I love you with all my heart and I don't want you to ever forget that ok?"
Luis told her tearing up "NATALIE!"Ashley shouted "Your so stupid! But you know I love you
like Luis said listen to everything that Jean tells you to do. Ok we'll try to get you as fast as
we can ok! Please don't let him hurt you!"Ashley said crying "YOU KNOW I'M STUPID AND
I'M A HARD HEAD! But you know I love you too and I'll do everything I can for him not to kill
me yet!"Natalie said laughing and crying harder than what she was a moment before. "NATALIE!"
Tony said "TONY! Oh my god you're the best friend in the world I love you so much and thank you
for trying to tell Jean to leave before he took me hostage."Natalie said "You know I love you
too! Listen to everything he says ok Natalie?"Tony told Natalie starting to tear up also
"Times up!"Jean said taking the phone away from "I will call you back right when I decide to
kill her ok Luis, Ashley, and Tony?"Jean said laughing again and than hanging up

The 3 friends just hoped they could get Natalie away from Jean but it was no use. Than out of no
where Tony decides to call the cops he knew that they could track Jean's cell phone just in time
to safe Natalie.

"Hello I have an emergency."Tony said "Yes sir what is it?"Said the operator "Their has
been a case of rape and kidnap."Tony said "Do you know where it is sir?"She asked "No I
don't I only have the cell phone number of the kidnapper. Can you do anything with the number to
find the address or where the kidnapper is?"Tony asked "Well sir we could but it would take a
while and it seems like you want it right away. Do you know the city of the kidnapper?"She asked
"Umm yes. Miami."Tony said "Ok sir we will cal you back as soon as we get the address an
location we will also get a police officer to go to the location right away ok sir does that sound
good to you?"She asked "Yes ma'am thank you very much!"

He gave the lady the number and hung up and hoped that she would call back right away.

3 hours later the police called and said they had found the location they also said they were on
they're way. Luis, Ashley, and Tony felt relieved. They only waited for the phone call from Jean
now and waited to see what would happen. The police got to Jean's apartment right when he was
planning to do something else with her. The policee cam marching in and Jean had no other choice
than to shoot Natalie. He pointed the gun right at Natalie's forehead. And the only thing the
police men saw was Natalie falling to the floor. The police called Tony and told them the news
while they arrested Jean. Nobody knew the purpose why Jean was so obsessed with Natalie but they
knew that Natalie tried her best to stay alive.

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