Reflections of Nik

January 26, 2009
By Taylor Billingsley, Centennial, CO

Like a lot of teenage love affairs, this story begins in the hallways of Apple Creek High school.
When a young teen may make the biggest mistake in his life or at least a mistake that cannot be
fixed. Making bad choices doesn't lead to good results, most of the time. There were three
important variables to this story: Nik, Erica, and prom night. Two weeks later "Nik, I have
something to tell you." Right then and there Nik new exactly what Erica was going to say, and at
that moment he knew he had made a mistake so big he would not be able to fix it. What he has done
was in the past there was no going back. The only problem is how does he tell his parents about a
choice that will change his life and that he may not be ready for? "Umm. How do I say this?" I
paced back and forth wondering what my parents would say. A bead of sweat ran down my face. I folded
my arms in frustration as the seconds of guilt ticked by in my head. I bit my lip knowing my parents
wouldn't be anywhere near proud of me when the truth came out. "Nik? Is there something wrong?
Is everything ok?" My mom's complexion grew concerned. My dad's face tensed up in anger as he
sat there impatiently, dyeing to get the truth out of me. A thud started pounded louder and louder
in my chest before I realized my whole body had went numb. "Mom. Dad, I've had sex. I know this
sounds bad and that u aren't happy with my actions, but I don't know how to handle this. Erica
told me today that she is pregnant. " I looked at my parents. Each one as still as a painting
trapped in a frame of shock. My father's lips pursed and opened just enough to say something, but
nothing had come out. As if he had rethought what he was going to say? Silence grew thicker and
thicker in the room, obviously my parents were to surprised to exercise their vocals. At that
moment I realized I had made the biggest mistake of my life, or should I say the most important
decision of my teen years. "Nik," my mom paused with astonishment in her teal eyes. "I can't
say I'm proud of your actions, but it's too late to change what has happened." "I know
mom."Nik had some thinking to do, but not right now. He wanted to talk about it with Erica, in
person. But when? Where? How? If there was anything he wanted to say to her he wanted to tell her he
loved her.

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