In the eyes of a dog

January 14, 2009
By Heather Pantazin, Salem, OR

Lying on the floor in my living room waiting for my owner, Misty, to wake up and fill my food bowl and water bowl. She was up late last night reading. She enjoys reading . She works in a big building downtown called a library, she works as a librarian. That is what two legged being call someone who organizes books. I guess part of the job is to read alot. But that's just my guess. Misty, my wonderful owner, was a gentle soul. She always wanted to help other two legged creatures, no matter what the cost may be. She was always willing to try to help someone, at least one time. She always punished herself if she could not help that creature. Well back to what I was saying. I could feel my stomach caving in from being so hungry. I hear a door open. It was Misty. She had awoke from her deep sleep. I am very happy to see her. I jumped up from the floor and ran over to her bedroom door to greet her. She kneels down and hugs me, as usual. I of course licked her. She seems very sad this morning. Though she was smiling I could tell when I looked into her eyes that something was wrong with her. She quickly stood up and filled my food bowl and water bowl.
As I was eating Misty went to go clean herself, she calls it a shower. About five minutes later I hear a loud knock on the door. I start to bark. A human from the other side of the door starts yelling, "Misty, open the door". Once I heard his voice I started to bark even louder. I did not like the two legged creature on the other side of the door. I had to attack him many times before. Him and Misty were always getting into fights. She told me that is what, "Mates" do when they love each other. But I knew just as well as she did that they were not in love. I was a little relieved when I saw Misty. I knew she would not open the door. Not after all he had done to her the last time he was here. She couldn't. That would be absurd. Misty walked towards the door, stared at it for a few seconds, then opened it. Could my eyes be deceiving me, I thought? The man grabbed my helpless owner with a tight grasp around her wrist. He started screaming in her face. I started barking and growling at the bad creature. I would not let him hurt her again. After feeling so frustrated and helpless I ran up to the man and bit his arm. He quickly hit me away. I yelped very loud.
Then Misty grabbed my collar. At first I thought she was grabbing me and leaving the apartment, but she was not. She grabbed my collar, almost choking me and kicked me into her room and told me to stay. I sat there for a few seconds wondering why she had done that. I was just trying to help her. He needed to be stopped and I knew she would just put up with it. She didn't deserve to be treated like that. I could still hear loud screaming. But I stopped barking as soon as I was sent to her room because I didn't see any use of barking. The screaming got louder and louder. I felt so helpless just sitting in the room waiting for all the fighting to stop. But it didn't stop. I started clawing at the door. To feel like I was doing something.
All of a sudden I heard loud SMACKS! Then a big THUMP, like something had fallen. It was dead silence after that. The silence was almost deafening. I heard footsteps coming from down the hallway. I quickly jumped up. I thought it was Misty coming to get me. The door flung open. It was Him standing above me. I swear my heart skipped a beat. When he looked into my eyes it were as if he were looking deep into my soul. He turned my soul black just staring back at me. He only stood there for a minute or so, though it seemed like an hour. He had an evil smirk on his face, like how someone would look after they did something bad. He smiled at me, then turned around and walked out of the silent apartment.
I waited for Misty to come running into the room, hug me, and talk with me. Like she always did after every fight. But I heard nothing. No stomping of her feet, nothing. All I could hear was the blue birds chirping outside the window. But still no sign of Misty. My stomach had a huge knot in it. I was very hesitant to walk out of the bedroom and into the living room. I wasn't sure how I would find my owner. I ran into the living room. Misty was lying on the floor motionless. She had blood all over her body. I started barking, then I licked her face. I knew there was nothing I could do. I mean after all I'm just a dog. She was gone forever. I was owner less, homeless, and felt very numb. She was my best friend. Besides the fact that she had two legs and I had four, she was none the less my mother. She had taken care of me ever since I was a little puppy.
I had a sick feeling to my stomach. My heart was just broken. That bad man who was supposedly "in love" with Misty had taken away her life and my own. What would I do without her? I could not fend for myself. Who would take me on long walks down by the water? Who would feed me? Who would love me? All these questions rushed in my mind. I wanted to find that man and hurt him the way he had hurt my Misty. I heard loud sirens coming from outside the window. Misty used to say they were emergency vehicles that come and save people. Maybe they were coming to save my Misty? I started getting excited. They broke down the door. As soon as they saw Misty lying on the floor they had sad looks on their faces. I heard one of the men in a black uniform say, "She was such a nice girl, it must have been her demented boyfriend who did this to her". I didn't know what a "boyfriend" was but I assumed it was that evil man they were talking about. He seemed to have a reputation with fighting with his mates. They carried her body away on a large piece of metal. As they were walking out of the room, one of the women in a uniform looked at me and said, "Sorry girl, she's gone". They took her away. I just sat in the empty room sniffing all of Misty's belongings. Oh how I missed her smell. I knew I must go on with my dog life. I just didn't know how.
A few hours later some of Misty's relatives came in to get all of her stuff. I just sat on her bed as they went through her stuff. I didn't want to move. Her sister came and lied down with me on the bed. She started talking to me. I felt a sigh of relief. Her voice reminded me of my Misty's soft, gentle voice. She also had the same features and beautiful brown eyes, just like my Misty did. She said she was going to take me home with her. She asked if that was okay. I replied with a cheerful bark. She smiled at me, put on my leash, then we walked out of my old home and I began my new life with Elizabeth, Misty's sister!

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