Just Fine

June 6, 2009
By Girl_In_Blue GOLD, Chanhassen, Minnesota
Girl_In_Blue GOLD, Chanhassen, Minnesota
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I guess my life was just too good. We were doing just fine! What with this financial crisis and whatever. Just fine. We were surviving! My mom decided to pick up work just in case. No luck with that. Just fine. My dad’s salary decreased, but yes we can still afford to go to a private high school next year. Just fine. I don’t have anything to wear for the party, but no that’s ok. We can’t afford it, so just deal with it. Just fine. Constant yelling matches between my parents late at night. Especially during bill time. I prayed for no divorces. Just fine. My dad comes home, but without employment. The groceries thin from our fridge. My clothes disappear to Plato’s Closet. My parents sell all their jewelry and one car. But no. We are just fine because we are together. I come home from school and my dad is not there. Neither is his suit case. Isn’t life just fine?

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