The Dog

July 7, 2009
By VicEveSamAlex GOLD, Medford, New Jersey
VicEveSamAlex GOLD, Medford, New Jersey
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As I race home, I only have one thing in mind; my mom's going to kill me. I was sent to the store to buy some fresh meat. "Go there and back" she said. "Don't stop, don't wander off, and don't talk to strangers or strays." Well it's too late now, I walked to the store and was distracted by the flowers they sold. Oops. My bad.
I raced home. Jumping over trash cans, dodging the bystanders, and nearly running over the pigeons, I just had to get home on time. However, as I passed a dark dismal alley, I heard a whine. I immediately halted in my steps and looked for the source of the forlorn sound. I walk closer and closer to an old shoebox. A puppy pops out. His matted fur is covered with fleas and lice. His ears are scratched and bitten. His ribs are sticking out, making him look sick. His tail is tucked between his furry legs. His eyes are the worst of all. Full of sadness, hunger, and fear. he whined again and retreats back to a corner of his box, I stick out a trembling hand and pet his chocolate brown fur. In the back of my mind, my mother is shouting again. "No distractions, no stopping! Come home straight away!" can I walk away from someone who need my help? This dog needs love, care, and warmth from the heart. I can give him that. I can help this lonely dog. I can make a difference to his life.
"Hey," I run my fingers through his tangled fur. "Why is a cute dog like you doing here?"
He doesn't respond. Instead, his eyes wander over to my bag of meat. He's hungry.
Pity, sadness, and sympathy wash over me like a wave. This dog needs food and water. I immediately got out the food and laid it on the ground. IN the back of my head my mom is screaming at my actions. "The meat is ours."
Chocolate (I decided to give the dog a cute name.) quickly devoured the food like it was his last meal. He looks up at me with gratitude and happiness.
I quickly scoop up the dog in my arms. My mom's going to scream. My dad's going to yell. My brother's going to sneeze. I will be in the biggest heap of trouble I have ever been in. But, you know what? I will help this dog. I will change the course of this puppy's life. As I walk home I only have two things in mind. One is about the dog. And the other is mom is going to kill me.

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