Damaged Deranged Demonic

June 25, 2009
By JCaine SILVER, Valencia, California
JCaine SILVER, Valencia, California
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Damaged, Deranged, Demonic. Oh boy, some light reading. Book won a Pulitzer. No happy good books these days. Somebody otta do something. Let’s see, hmhm, yada-yada, teenage girl possessed friends think she’s a vampire, demon won’t let her tell anybody the truth… yada-yada, from acclaimed author… yada-yada. A spellbinding journey into the lives of teenage vampires as we’ve never seen before… uhuh good Lord how did that become a genre… dum-de-dum, oh well Anna will flip out for it, k…

And that’s seventeen-eighty-four sir.


Out of twenty, okay… Would you like a bag?

No thank you, I’m fine.

Have a nice day.

You too.

Why is it the hottest people you meet you never get to see again? Crap, crap, no, wait, hottest person in my life is Anna; don’t even let me THINK otherwise, nope not even another thought-word about the sizzler register girl with the big grin and the big… NOT ANOTHER WORD DANG IT!


Anna? It’s me.

Hey, what’s up?

How you doing, cutie?

I’m good, just got out of Criminal Psychology.

Oh, in that case, I have something to take your mind off all the insane criminals.


Yeah, how about that latest bestseller from R. D. McCarthy?

Triple D?!

Umm… Damaged, Deranged, Demonic? Yah.

Oh I’ve so been waiting… THANK YOU, when are you coming over?

I can stop by tonight.

GREAT I’ll get something cooking when I get home.

Beat ya there.

You did not! Liar!

This is one of those problems with having a girlfriend who lives next to her college.

Laughs… I love that I can make her laugh when your girlfriend wants to be a criminalist and you can still make her laugh that’s good.

Y’know, I think I’ll need some company tonight.

Aw, want me to come tuck you in?

Yeah, and don’t forget the goodnight kiss.

What, I only get one tonight? I should’ve bought a bigger book.

Well if I let you have more than one our foreplay won’t last as long.

NEVERMIND I’ll take one kiss, double the foreplay.

You smart little boy you.

We’re talking foreplay and NOW you bring up LITTLE?

Hey, I see you, hi!

Her house is a real house not some stuffy cold apartment, it’s warm and cozy just like her. Lucky my girl got a trust fund… but hey I got my girl and that’s all I need. This is gonna be one fun night!


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