Lord of the Rings

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

“So, how long is this movie supposed to be?” Kylie asked with a sort of annoyed sarcasm.

He flashed a perfect grin her way. That grin that won her over the first night she saw him. “It’s like…3 hours.” Kylie’s eyes widened with disbelief. Mark stopped her before she could start her whining. She was like a child to a theme park, always never wanting to do anything, but end up loving it afterwards. He reminisced back to when he was 10 and his older sister dragged him to go on the biggest coaster, he cried the whole way up, and then rode it 3 more times that night.

“ Babe, trust me, it’s going to be stellar.” He said, grinning. He knew he’d get his way with that smile, and just as he’d expected she put his arm around her as she snuggled up next to him in the loveseat in the back of the theatre.

The previews were for some sappy romance, a Romeo and Juliet-esque film. ‘No one’s love compares to mine and Mark’s’ Kylie smiled stashed with her thought.

They met at a club a few years ago, Mark had lost some dungeons and dragons bet and had to ask the prettiest girl in the club to dance. Kylie remembered him approaching her. Wearing a tee shirt and faded jeans. His shaggy brown hair resting on his black thick-framed glasses.

She looked at him with amazement as he grinned from ear to ear while the lights dimmed and the movie began. A few select geeks cheered as the elves and hobbits acted out the first scene. Kylie’s stomach churned all of a sudden. “Babe did you get food?” She pleaded him. He didn’t take his eyes off of the scene as he reached into his pockets and drew 10 dollars from his khakis. Kylie’s stomach did a flip when she stood up and a few more tricks as she left the theatre in a rush. Mark watched her go down the stairs in her 4-inch heels without losing any gracefulness, minus the fact that he’d heard her stomach grumbling. She eased around the corner to the concessions, and even such a simple thing like that she made look beautiful.

He had lost a bet in a game of monopoly, and was forced to go to some race and ask the hottest girl in the room to dance. He knew he would ask Kylie when he saw her dancing in front of a strobe light, not allowing any other boy near her, and looking more beautiful then Aphrodite herself, in a blue sequined dress.

He stopped his flashback to watch the movie, which was now becoming extremely intense.

In the food line Kylie’s mouth watered and craved something chocolate and cheesy, but the though of her usual favorite, nachos, repulsed her. Her stomach lurched as Kylie gave up her spot in line to make a run for the bathroom. She dry heaved for a few minutes before remembering that she’d already thrown up everything she ate that day, Kylie pondered back to what she had to eat that night before, and rested on the fact that she had probably had food poisoning. She sat on the toilet feeling lightheaded, and went to the sink to splash cool water on her face. When she looked in the mirror her complexion was pale and her eyes were glazed over, how anyone thought she was beautiful was beyond her. She checked her watch, only 2 more hours left of the movie, Mark was probably worried about her, she’d left him a half hour ago, and he usually was very protective of her, and even jealous. Even though he knew he was all she wanted.

At the club all the clichés walked about flaunting their arrogance, and attempting to dance with her. She didn’t notice anyone in the room until Mark casually walked up. He asked her to dance, and she agreed. She remembered people watching them as he stumbled about the floor giggling, and that giggle just overwhelmed her heart.

Kylie had finally found someone she could laugh with and laugh at, and be comfortable with. She returned to the theatre, and Mark didn’t even notice her come in as his eyes were intensely immersed onto the screen. She sat next to him and he leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

“Babe, you didn’t get food?” He asked, “What took so long?”

“I was in the bathroom, I didn’t feel so good” she answered embarrassed.

“Again, do you want me to get you like a pop or something?”

“No, it’s….” But before she could say it was fine he was out of the seat rushing to the door. Outside the theatre Mark hustled to the concession stand, all he wanted was for Kylie to feel better, even though it was the midnight showing of Lord of The Rings. ‘Dang, food line is ridiculous.’ He thought.

“MARK!” his buddy Doug called from across the way.

“Yo dude, what’s up?” Mark high-fived his friend.

“Who are you here with? What are you seeing? What’s been up man, I haven’t talked to you in ages!?” Doug asked excitedly.

Mark remembered why he’d been avoiding annoying Doug. “Just hanging with Kylie, we’re here for Lord Of The Rings.”

“Dude! That’s sick! My movie just ended! Man, I should’ve seen that! Man, you’re still with Kylie? She’s hot! Dude, remember when you met her! Oh man, I thought she was going to smack you for even thinking you could get with her, dang that’s crazy. That’s so cool! You give me hope man, you give me hope. Well, I got to go, you should come over later this week man, halo tournament, my house Tuesday, it’s going to be sick! Later!”

And with that he was gone. Mark stood there flabbergasted his brain still processing everything annoying Doug had just babbled on about, and made a mental note to avoid the tournament, even though he knew he’d dominate, he smiled at the thought of beating Doug, and maybe even getting him to shut up for once. He was beginning to get annoyed with the Kylie comments. He knew she could have had anyone, and he constantly felt unsafe about losing her. They’d only been together 6 months, but Mark knew he was going to propose to her even though he was nervous she’d say no to him, but maybe there was a .001% chance she wouldn’t, just like the night of the club. He made a dork of himself dancing like a nerd, but she loved it, and he loved her. He thought they complimented each other nicely, like Tarzan and Jane or something. He thought that would be a funny Halloween costume, but then got discouraged when he thought of Kylie in a little jungle outfit, and all the other guys around her. “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.” He said aloud. Finally, he arrived at the front of the line, the monotone teenager asked him for his order. He got Kylie a sprite and her favorite, nachos. He took them back to her and passed a couple looking rather nervous, he figured it was a first date, and he thought about back to the club.

After they’d stopped dancing, Kylie asked for his name, and to buy her a drink. Although he was out of his element, he felt completely at ease with himself. They went outside, and the cold air felt good against his now sweaty outfit. Kylie shivered, she hadn’t even broken a sweat and her perfect hair and makeup made it look like she’d just left the house. They sat on a bench outside, and Mark didn’t even think to see where his friends were, or whom she’d come with. They just sat in a completely comfortable silence, and she surprised him when she said it was her dream to go to outer space as she gazed at the stars.

When he got back to the movie, he figured there was only about 45 minutes left of the film but instantly gazed at the screen as the geek inside him became too focused, and he stumbled over his legs, he heard Kylie giggle from the top of the stairs, and blushed in the dark.

“Thanks babe.” She said as he’d handed her, her drink, her stomach churning at the smell of the nachos. She took one slurp of the sprite and had it already halfway done. Mark looked at her and was unsatisfied when she didn’t begin shoveling the nachos in her mouth as usual. “Babe, are you sure you’re okay?” Kylie smiled at him; of course he would notice her not eating. “Yeah totally.” She grabbed a chip with the least amount of cheese on it, and instantly had to go throw up from the smell. “I’ll be right back, stay here” she got up and ran out.

While in the bathroom Kylie sat on the floor and threw up the sprite she just drank and a piece of gum she’d swallowed. She stood by the sink and ran her hands through the cold water and though about Mark and how bad she felt she was ruining his movie. She loved him so much and wished he’d hurry up and propose to her.

She knew she wanted to be with him when after dancing they went to cool off, and instead of having to check himself in the mirror like every other guy there he acted casual, and Kylie was impressed. But he won her over when she was staring at the stars she’d said something, and he didn’t hesitate for one second to lean over and kiss her.

She smiled at the past as she held the door open for a very pregnant lady when it hit her. Her heart raced, and she couldn’t have gotten back to the theatre faster.

“Hey babe, feeling better?” He asked. She looked at him for a few seconds before replying. “I think I’m pregnant.” And all she saw was that billion-dollar smile as the theatre went dark with credits and the geeks applauded.

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