Onward America

May 6, 2009
By ryan..mc GOLD, Parsons, Kansas
ryan..mc GOLD, Parsons, Kansas
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It was morning we were still drifting on the ocean; I had to think back to the life back home and what this new life will bring. Back home in Kilauno Mexico life wasn’t too good, it seems me a dad trying to provide for the family but couldn’t barely make enough money to put food on the table. I was usually depressed and thinking of sad times. My job was to help cut wood to ship off to countries and money was a big problem. See I only got paid 3 dollars an hour and for 2 kids and a wife it wasn’t enough and then when the kids wanted something extra like a toy or something I would almost break out in tears and sometimes blame myself saying that I’m a horrible father. The kids would stay around the house all day while I worked and my wife she cleaned; I feel so bad because the people weren’t the best people there you know what I mean; they would mock us and where I worked the other workers were lazy which put even more labor on me, but now were headed up the ocean to America. Finally the kids woke up on the dirty boat we rented and the man knew we weren’t coming back. I have 2 sons one is Milio and the other is Antonio and my wife Chiila. We got up and ate some cheap cereal from Mexico and warm milk. Later on my wife got seasick so I gave her some medicine and she got well. We rode out the ocean for a few days when we got to a port I guess somewhere in Texas. When we got off it was like a moment of silence and the wind was low and dry. Now I was to get us a home and find a job; it’s basically like starting over again. We had walked into the city and by now when we got onto the streets it was lonely and everyone was starring. We didn’t know why but we quickly knew when I went to find my first American job. I walked up to a place called mez-mur-izze-shu-stoor or Mesmerize shoe store I tried to sound it out being that I was learning English in Mexico. When I walked in and asked as best as I could speak could I get a job here; they said sure let me go get the applications. When I came back in the next day from filling the application out I got a big fat smack in the face. I’m sorry sir but u don’t have a registered name, are you an illegal alien; my heart beat stopped and I was shocked to find out that my family had to become legal citizens and that’s a lot of work and we were walking with no car and 7 dollars in Mexico cash. So over the next few days we asked around to where was this place. My family and I were staying in a house with an American citizen who used to live in Mexico but moved; his name is Noreiente he’s a pretty cool guy. We got to the office the next morning and the next two days we filled out paper work. After that we got papers and this shiny new license. I went and got that job I wanted and now I’m working harder that ever with a pretty good pay. Mesmerize shoe store was good plus since I had just came to this country and had no good shoes those people at the store donated a brand new pair of shoes to each of my family members. Life was a lot better here I ate and tried new foods at different restaurants and met all kinds of people some picky but mostly pretty nice. I loved it here in America being that now that I think about it I really had no kind of life back home, now I call it disturbia because that memories are so disturbing a poor father trying to feed his family and really didn’t have any money from that sorry job; but it’s all behind me now all I got to do is focus on this wonderful life I have now. Three years later I became head manager at the store and was bringing home more money than I could even could; God has really blessed us I tell myself everyday and I pray to him that he keeps it this way, before I go to bed I say “God Bless America!”

The author's comments:
life is similar to this and can be difficult in some situations!

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