The Crash

May 6, 2009
By Alex Gunn BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
Alex Gunn BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
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I looked up. My heart screamed. I slammed on the brakes. It was too late. I had just crashed into the back of a Ford Explorer. The collision had happened so fast, I did not know what happened. My body was in shock, I could barely breathe. I had to get out of the truck; I began clawing at the mangled doors, in an attempt to get free. As soon as I was out, a police officer showed up and was assessing the scene. I looked at the damage to my truck, and almost fainted. It was completely totaled. The thought that I could have died kept running through my mind the whole time. As the shock wore off, I realized that I was going to get crucified by my parents. I took the car without asking and completely destroyed it. More cops showed up, asking me different questions and picking up the shrapnel from the crash off the road. They wanted a reason for the crash…

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