You Left.

June 22, 2009
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People alway say that im cynical and pessimistic. Well, I'm not. I may put on a mask and act like I'm all tough, but, I'm really crumpled and broken. You said that you love me. You promised that you would never leave. I gave myself to you heart, soul, body, and mind. But, you betrayed me. You left, which has happened through my entire life. You promised that you would never leave. That you knew everything that I was going through, and you understood. But, as I found out, that was a load of crap. Through all the lies, and all the broken promises, you left. The worst thing that you could do. You left me, crumpled and broken with no one to love, you left me, and took all of me with you. You took my heart and ripped it into shreds then threw them on me to clean up. What you did to my, will forever be in my mind. A tattoo that sends raps through my spine. Leaving me crupled and broken beyond repair. You left me, unable to love ever again. I started taking comfort in physical pain. Hurting myself every chance I got. Anytime I felt broken and worthless, I would bring myself as much pain as I could. It made me feel incontroll of my own anguish, misery, suffering, torment, and torture. But, that got taken away. You left me without and emotion. Electric shocks of pain to endure. I only wish that someday, you are forced to be put throught the pain I was. You Left Me With Nothing To Live For.

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