Life in a Small Town

June 3, 2009
By Loren Hahn BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Loren Hahn BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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Dirk Dillon was a small town country boy. He lived in Alabama, with his parents. He has a best friend named Jessica Chesnutt. He’s dating a very nice girl, Chelsea Burtoff.

Dirk had light blue eyes, and teeth that were pearly white. He loved to play sports, and hang out on the farm. The school that he attends only has about 200 kids. Dirk was a good kid in and out of school. When Dirk was six months old, he met his best friend Jessica. They have been best friends ever since that.

Chelsea and Dirk were hanging out on a Saturday night at his house. They made it a movie night. Jessica headed over to his house later that night. Chelsea soon started to become jealous of their friendship. She noticed Dirk would hang out with Jessica a lot.

Dirk asked Jessica, “Hey what are you doing over here?”

“I just came to see what you were doing. I didn’t know Chelsea was over,” Jessica told Dirk.

“Oh Jess, it’s no problem,” Chelsea lied.

“Chelsea, are you sure?” Jessica asked.

Chelsea replied, “Yeah, I’m positive.”

“Well I’m going to go anyways, see you,” Jessica yelled.

They both the heard the door slam shut and went back to watching the movie. The movie came to a end and Chelsea got up.

"Hey Dirk, I think I'm going head home, its late," Chelsea said.

"Okay bye!" Dirk yelled.

Chelsea's sister pulled up and she got in the car. Dirk went to bed early that night, knowing he could have a lot to do the next day.

Dirk woke up to the smell of pancakes and waffles. He ran down the stairs hoping that breakfast was already done. His mom had the table set for them to eat breakfast. He ate his waffles, pancakes, and bacon in no time. After he was done, he went out and worked on the farm. He fed the chickens and all the other animals. Dirk ran up stairs realizing he had a family function to go to.

They left to go to his grandparent's house. When they got to their house, most of his family was already there. Dirk ran into his cousin Jake that he absolutely hated.

"What are you staring at Dirk?" Jake said.

Dirk replied, "Nothing about you." Dirk kept on walking after he said that.

He found his cousin Kyle that was a couple years older than him. They hung out and played basketball with their other cousins. It got late out and everyone started heading home. When they got home, Dirk headed up to his room to get ready for bed.

In the morning, he got everything ready for school. Dirk lived a couple miles from his school. When he got to school, Chelsea was waiting for him.

"We need to talk," Chelsea said.

"Okay?" Dirk replied.

They walked alone to the tables in the cafeteria.

Chelsea said, "I think you're cheating on me!"

"What?!" Dirk exclaimed.

"Yeah, you have been spending a lot of time with Jessica. She never leaves you alone," Chelsea told Dirk.

"I'm sorry Chels, but you know me and Jessica have been best friends forever."

"Whatever then," Chelsea shouted and walked off.

Dirk told the whole story to Jessica when she got to the school. Jessica could not believe what she was hearing.

When Dirk got home, he noticed his grades were laying on the counter. He knew that it was only his progress report. He picked up his grades and looked through them. He saw that he had a C in history. Once Dirk saw that, he knew he would be grounded. Both of his parents came down the stairs.

"What are these grades about Dirk?" His dad yelled.

Dirk said calmly, "It's just a progress report."

"I don’t care! You should never have grades lower than a B!" His dad said angrily.

Dirk's mom took no part in the conversation.

"I suppose your going to start slacking off at home too son!"

Dirk shouted, "No I'm not!"

Dirk stomped off to his room, furious at his parents. Once Dirk had cooled off, he went down stairs for dinner.

"I think that you need to go and stay with your aunt and uncle for a few weeks," his dad said.

"Wait! You can't make me go stay with them. You know me and Jake hate each other!" Dirk shouted at his dad.

"I guess you'll just have to live with it Dirk. You can make it fun or hate every second of it."

Dirk left the kitchen table, and stormed off. He stayed in his room and wouldn't leave for anything. He thought about his little fight he got in with his parents.

The next day was Friday, and he told Jessica about what had happened the night before. She felt bad for him, and told him to just make it fun while he was there.

Chelsea pulled Dirk over to the side. "I say it's time we take a break dirk. You and Jessica have been spending way to much time together."

Dirk paused then said, "Okay Chelsea. I guess you have just taken me and Jessica's friendship the wrong way."

Chelsea just turned around and walked away. Jessica rushed over to Dirk to find out what happened. She felt it was all her fault for them breaking up.

When Dirk got home, he had to pack up his bags for his cousin’s house. He stayed up later than usual that night. He thought about everything that had happened that week. He finally fell asleep, and had dreamless night. He woke up to his phone ringing in his ear. He gets ready and drags himself down stairs. Dirk walks his bags out to the car, and throws them in the back. He gets in the front seat waiting for his mom.

The car ride there was silent. They arrive and you can hear the rocks flying around underneath.

Dirk gets out and grabs his bags from the back.

"Thanks for taking him Diane," Dirk's mom yelled.

Diane yelled back, "Yeah, it's no problem!"

Diane helped Dirk take his stuff inside. He had to sleep in Jake's room. Diane left Dirk in there, so he could get himself situated. Jake walks into the room and notices Dirk.

"Okay Jake, I'm going to make this easy as possible. I want to make this stay fun, so can we be cool finally?" Dirk asked.

"Yeah, I've been waiting for this to happen," Jake replied.

Dirk said, "So lets forget about the past and live life to the fullest."

Dirk gets done unpacking, then goes with Jake outside. They get along great with each other, now that they got over their fight. They went outside to mess around on the basketball court.

Jake was home schooled by his mom. Diane had to take Dirk to school everyday. Jake started to wish he went to public school again. The three weeks Dirk was at Jake's house just flew by.
When it came time to leave, the boys were pretty sad.

"Hey, I'm going to miss hanging out with you everyday," Jake said.

Dirk replied, "Oh I know. It will be so weird not having someone to hang out with everyday."

Dirk's mom pulled up in the driveway and Dirk pulled his stuff along. He loaded all his stuff into the back of the car.

"Bye Dirk," Jake shouted.

Dirk yelled back, "Bye, we have to hang out sometime soon."

They drove down the dusty driveway, to the blacktop road.

"So, I can see you and Jake have became good friends," Dirk's mom said.

"Yeah, we have," Dirk replied.

They drove home, and Dirk unloaded all of his stuff. He went inside, and up to his room. Dirk called Chelsea, and apologized to her for spending to much time with Jessica. He was happy to get all of the people that were mad at him fine with him. Dirk learned that life goes on, and to live it to the most possible fullest.

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