Thunder Clouds

June 2, 2009
By foiledagain BRONZE, New Fairfield, Connecticut
foiledagain BRONZE, New Fairfield, Connecticut
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The earth rattling sound of thunder reverberated off the rolling hills. My face upturned to the sky, I watched the intimidating storm claim the once blue sky as its own. Thunder clapped again, accompanied this time by its long time friend, lightening. I lowered myself to the ground and dug my hands into the tall grass.
Nothing ever turned out the way you wanted it to.

I bowed my head shamefully as I felt myself lose control. A lone tear elegantly slid down my cheek and dropped into the grass beneath me. “I hate you.” I whispered. The thunder roared above me and I lifted my head.

“You heard me,” I shouted at the sky, “I hate you!” The thunder clapped again, sounding dangerously close. It’s sound echoing in my ears, laughing at me. The tears began to flow more freely now as rain began to fall. I sat in the nest I had created for myself. The cold rain wormed its way into my clothes and clung to my hair. I huddled deeper into the grass and pulled my knees to my chest. I would not go back, I had decided, I would not go back. I would rather sit here and freeze than go back.

“I hate you,” I said aloud. Footsteps crept up behind me.

“You hate me?” I twisted around to see him leaning leisurely against a tree. I snorted and turned all the way around to face my intruder.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” The truth was I hated him more than anything, but I would rather die than give him the satisfaction. He pushed off the tree and came to stand before me. I glared balefully at him from my seat. The hair dripped down the sides of his face and off the bridge of his nose, falling right in front of my face. He crouched down and grabbed my chin. I tried to pull away but he only held on tighter. With out thinking I clawed at his wrist.

“Tsk tsk,” he scolded. I let my hand rest on his and stared at him. His lip was pulled back in a haughty manner and his eyebrows were raised, as if to challenge me.

“Don’t touch me,” I snarled. My other hand swung out and the crack of my palm hitting his face hung in the silence. I flashed a pleasant smile as he glared at me through watering eyes. After a moment he laughed hysterically.

“Oh. Oh you’re going to pay now. I’m going to make you so sorry.” His big hand balled into a fist and he stood up. Another earth shaking boom rattled the trees around us. I began to panic.

“No wait I didn’t mean to-“ He didn’t wait for me to finish and dragged my to my feet by my shirt. He started to saunter in a circle around me. I tried to follow him, but couldn’t keep up. He laughed and began to shove me playfully. I knew what was coming next. The crack of my nose breaking echoed in my skull as I collapsed backward onto the grassy floor. He stood over me, completely menacing at his six foot five height. I swallowed hard and tried to crawl backwards. He stepped over me so that I was caught in between his legs. I stopped and stared at him wide eyed.

“You’re coming back to the house right?” he demanded. I set my jaw and shook my head.

“No.” He snarled and grabbed the front of my shirt and lifted my off the ground.

“Wrong answer. You made me a deal remember?” I let out a small whimpered and he grinned.

“That’s what I thought.” He hauled me up and I was dragged away from the sanctuary of my nest. The thunderstorm emitted a condemning boom as the meadow faded away into the distance.

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