Lost the Chance

May 27, 2009
By Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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He’s tired of this world and the troubles it brings that are called “Life.” She’s tired of heartbreak, hurt, and sadness. Together the can level each other out. But that’s all they see; is what they’re tired of.

One day, outside of her home, a bird flew by. She thinks nothing of it and continues to sit at the curb.

One day, he took a walk, the same bird flew by. He gazes at it, but in his mind thinks nothing of it.

The boy and the girl find each other the next day. The sun had hit the surface of the Earth just right, and the wind was almost at perfect harmony. They decided to take a walk together, but without words. You see, because the boy had been upset with her for awhile, so it was a silent walk.
The girl reached out her hand and took a hold of his gently. He glared at her with annoyance but didn’t let go.
“I’m sorry…” She whispered.
He stopped moving his feet on the sidewalk, and turned to look at her. She was afraid to look up at him. She didn’t want to see his disgust in her.
He noticed and put his index finger under her chin and tilted her head up. Their eyes met. He still had that angry glare on his face, “Why?” She wondered. He pulled away without saying a word and kept on walking. The girl hesitated and caught up to him. The boy smirked and put his hands in his pockets and looked up into the trees.
“I’ve seen that bird before. I think” He said.
She followed his eyes and saw the bird perched on a branch. “So have I. I think.
“You’re lying.” He said simply frowning up at the bird.
“You don’t believe me… again?”
“No.” He responded.
The girl stopped and threw her head down. She had had it. She began crying, and without a word she turned around and started to run back toward her house. Right at that moment the bird had flew in her direction, landed on the roof of her house and watched her cry as she ran and slipped on the concrete street.
This whole time the boy had been watching this take place, and decided to give her sympathy. He walked toward her not looking both ways before crossing the quiet street. The bird saw his reaction and flew up to him, fluttering it’s wings in his face. He moved his arms all around and shoed it off. Then a black bird flew by and landed next to the girl who was still crying as she laid in the street. At that time, she didn’t see the point in moving. She’d rather make a pool in her tears and drown in it, then have to face more hurt that he puts on her.

The boy stopped at the end of the street, and looked at her lovingly. He came to a decision at the moment. It was time to stop this foolishness. He got ready to run to her, but at that instant his vision became blank, everything was a blur around of him, except the event shown in front of him.
“How could this be? I’m the one who didn’t look both ways. I’m the one who made her cry. Me…” He stood in shock. Tears started to flow down his cheek. The car had stopped, but not fast enough.
“She fell… tired to get up… but.” He whispered to himself as the driver came out of the car looking around frantically.
The boy ran over, pushed the driver away and held his girlfriend tight. Blood drizzled down her head and nose. She wasn’t breathing. He cried so hard as he held her.
“No, no… I was … I love you.” He said too late.
The driver tried to get some words in but the boy wasn’t listening. Kind of like what he did before, when his girlfriend was trying to make him believe her, but he wouldn’t listen.

He rocked her bloody body in his arms, and repeated over and over again, “I’m sorry… I love you… I’m sorry… I love you…” as he cried in her hair.

After the ambulance and police came and declared she was dead, he had lost all interest in what the rest of the world had in store for him.
Life gave him so many chances to mend what he had done, but he had chose to make it difficult, which turned out worse in the end. He lost his heart.
He stood there in the blood of the scene gazing into space.
“I love you now… Please come back… I’m sorry I was upset… I could of made things right with you and I. I could of even… saved you… I lost my chance.” He admitted sadly.

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