Performance Review Day

May 19, 2009
By Zacary Sanders SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Zacary Sanders SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The sun was starting to bleed over the tops of the buildings now. A rusty old Volkswagen pulls into a narrow parking space with faded yellow lines. Richard looks at his reflection for a second time in the cracked rear-view mirror. Performance reviews today. He HAD to look his best.
Feelings of nervousness fill his stomach as he walks towards the entrance, his blue tie casually swaying with his motions. The white walls of the business were never inviting to him. A confinement room with chairs. Even the secretaries were wearing scowling faces today. Fear replaces Nervous in his stomach. He sits at his desk; the computer clicks and whirls as the bleak monitor warms to life. The sound of the white fluorescent above him keeps a bottle of Tylenol close. His cubicle was bare. No posters, no decorations, nothing distracting. Those were the rules. His bare walls and white shirt seem to blend together. Nothing unique. Everything in order.
It wasn’t always like this. Well, not since the new boss came in from corporate. He and Rick haven’t seen eye to eye exactly. First he took Rick’s job. Then he took Rick’s office. Now Rick is stuck in a tiny cubicle in a position fit for an entry level graduate. An explosion amongst the silence causes him to jolt. He turns and sees Joe, his old co-worker, red-faced. Rick watches his good friend shovel his papers into a large leather briefcase and stumble out the door. Performance reviews. I mean, even Joe was pulling twice the amount of weight Rick was at the moment. If he got fired, then-
“Rick, can I see you in my office please?”

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