May 19, 2009
By Bob Joe BRONZE, Honolulu, Hawaii
Bob Joe BRONZE, Honolulu, Hawaii
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It was a dark and cold night. The stars blazed brightly in the pitch black sky. One star grew steadily brighter. It grew until the light was unbearable. Then, out of the night flew a circular spacecraft. It had a huge front light and many small multicolored lights on the side. It was made out of medal, and shone nearly as brightly as the stars. It slowly landed in a spot of grass. Part of the space craft slid open, and out of it came a man. He had completely black eyes that were at least two sizes too big for his head. He had slits for a nose and his skin was wrinkled- like he had lived twenty times too long. He looked around, and saw trees stretching out for miles. He smiled, leaned down, and planted something in the dirt. Then got into his spaceship, and flew away.
Years later…

Bob gripped his axe so light, his fingers grew pale. He had been trying to bring down this tree for days. They had long since brought down the rest of this forest, but this tree was still standing. His work’s company claimed they couldn’t spare any machines to help him, so he had to do this himself. This tree was by far the hardest tree to cut down, that he’d ever seen. It should have fallen days ago, but it was still standing. He swung the axe at the tree and heard a large crack. The whole tree started to wobble. It leaned towards him. He ran to he other side, and it leaned that way. Then, he went to the other side and it leaned again towards him. He kept this up for five minutes before the tree finally fell. Bob ran, but the tree twisted in mid air, so it collapsed towards him. Bob tripped and fell, glimpsing the tree racing towards his face. He knew he was doomed. Bob closed his eyes. Thud. Bob looked up. The tree hit a hit a rock jutting out of the ground, and never made it to him. Bob called for someone to come take the tree away. He didn’t want it to try to kill him again.

“Here’s your homework, class,” the teacher said as he walked across the room. “You should be happy; it was made out of the last tree in the Amazon.” I didn’t feel so happy. I had a lot of homework, and I didn’t want to do more. “Remember, there’s a test tomorrow, so be prepared,” he chimed. The bell rang, and I raced out of his class. When I got home, I took out my homework. It wasn’t that hard, but there was lots of it. I finally finished and reached down to put it in my back pack. My finger slid across it, giving me a paper cut. I had never gotten one before, but others had told me they hurt. This one didn’t- not at all. I didn’t even feel it. I shrugged and put it in my back pack. Then, promptly went to bed.

“Wake up,” Joe called to his child upstairs. “Wake up!” No response. Joe sighed and went upstairs to his kid’s room. His child was lying in the bed. “Wake up,” Joe said irritably. He didn’t move. Joe turned him over, and gasped when he saw his face. His eyes were completely white and you could see the veins on his face. He called the doctor swiftly. Joe figured he might as well clean up his child’s room until the doctor got there. He moved his kid’s backpack, and a piece of paper fell out. He picked it up, and dropped it hurriedly. The paper had cut him! He picked it up again, carful not to touch the edges, and put it in his backpack. The doorbell rang signaling that the doctor was there. The doctor told Joe to go to work while he examined his son. Joe obeyed and went on to the movie theater, where he worked.

Luke watched the news. Apparently everyone who went to some movie theater in America turned up dead. It was because of some horrible virus. Everyone who watched movies infected their friends. He didn’t worry- they would find a cure. Besides, there was no way the virus was would reach Italy. Ding dong. Luke opened the door. “Help me,” a voice said. Then a man fell to the floor. Luke looked at him. His eyes were white, and you could see the veins on his face.

Dave was coughing. He was the last person alive. It was night and a virus had killed everyone alive. No one knew how it had originated, but it had spread too quickly to find a cure. He collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. A blazing light shone behind him. He looked up and saw two wrinkled men walking across the ground. One man said, it a horrible raspy voice triumphantly, “Another planet for us!” Dave coughed. The man’s eyes flashed to him and Dave relaxed, closing his eyes for the last time.

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