The Knight of the Moon

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

He walked through the wet green grass. The cool wind blew, to move his brown hair into his sea green eyes, which shine like jewels. The sound of clinks from his mail on his body hit his skin of his strong arm. In the light of the moon, his tan skin glowed. His horse was near, at times he would nudge his arm. The war horses' grey and black peppered man in need of a nice brush down. Plus some fresh hay.

On this night of nights, the man had come this way through the woods to go to his home where his wife was in wait for him. He had been gone for quite a bit of time, at least two weeks. He had given aid to a friend that was in need of a man of arms. There was a fight, and it was a bit of a mess. A few great men lost their lives to serve their lord who as well fought side by side with him. When the fight was done with, his friend said that he could stay the night and leave when day broke. But he was in need to go home to his wife, who was due to have their first child in a month’s time.

His body ached, and he had a few new scars to show. But he came out in the end, with his sword held in his grasp. All he was in need of, was to be with his wife, have a nice hot bath to sooth the aches and a long sleep in his wife's bed. As he was lost on his thoughts of home, he was torn out of them when he heard a scream.

With a curse, the knight let go of the reins to run in the way where he had heard the scream. He passed trees as he ran in the forest. Flies of fire lit his way as he went. When he got to a field of grass, he saw a man with a dull sword in hand. It slashed left and right as he tried to take down a small girl of four or five, who ducked and cried out for help.

Going for his sword, he pulled it out and raced to the man. Just as the dull sword came down to strike the girl, the knight's sword blocked it. With a push, he sent the man back to land on his butt, while his sword flew back to land in the bark of a tree. Eyes full of fright, the man moved like a crab on his hands and feet, and then spun his body up to run into the dark while he looked back to make sure the knight was not on his heels.

When the man was gone, the knight then gazed at the small girl huddled in the grass. Her body shook with tears. At her side, he got on his knee, to set a hand on her back.

With a jerk, she cried out, scared. His hand rubbed her back as he told her it was okay and that the man was gone, that it was safe now. She was so glad, that she threw her body into his chest to hug him. He asked her who the man was that tried to kill her, and she told him that it was her uncle. He found out that the man did not care for her and was going to kill her, to get rid of her. Once he calmed her down some more, he gave her the choice that he could help her find a home or go home with him. With a big smile she said she would go with him. So with a tweet from his lips, his horse soon came through the trees.

The girl was a bit wary of the large war horse, but the knight showed her that he was a friend. With his help, he got her up on the horse, and then he got up at her back. One arm went at her thin waist to keep her on the horse, as the other was on the reins. The horse took his time to walk through a path just out of the tree line of the forest in the moon light. It did not take long for the girl to fall to sleep in his arm. He would care for this girl, like he was her own. His wife would be glad he took her in. As his wife took in lost or hurt beings, she would also care for her in their home.

So on his horse, his eyes went to the castle a few miles out. Home. They would be there soon, his wife would be there with wide arms. The moon and the stars shined in the dark blue sky to light their way

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