A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

May 12, 2009
By Breanna Carman BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Breanna Carman BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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Each time I am in the hospital, I enjoy walking by the nursery to remind myself that everything will be okay and that there are still many joys in life. The moment I see the newborn children, all of my anger disintegrates. On most days, one would see many young children sleeping soundly or crying for their mother to hold them, you might also see a few mothers caring for their son or daughter. Today, however, one mother-child couple clearly stands out the most. Standing near the wall, for all the rocking chairs are taken, a young woman, not over the age of 25, with chocolate brown hair just brushing her shoulders, loose strands gently falling upon her face as she holds her newborn daughter close to her bare chest looks to be the perfect scene. By the look on her face, you know that she is close enough to hear the infant’s faint heart beat along side her own, as one. The baby, safe and warm in her mother’s nurturing arms, lets out a small whimper indicating she is hungry. After a late night, her eyes gently open to reveal her big blue eyes, wet with tears. Upon seeing this, her mother tenderly kisses the young child’s forehead in hopes of comforting the young girl. Feeling the soft lips against her unblemished skin, the young girl closes her eyes and falls into a light sleep. Mothering instincts kick in as the brown haired woman wraps the small, light green felt blanket more tightly around her squirming daughter, careful not to wake her once more. Feeling the tug of the blanket, the young girl’s blue eyes open up again to see her mother, beautiful deep brown eyes looking down upon her with worry, even before she can speak, she knows her mother cares more for her than for anything in the world. The young mother has a gentle look on her face, one filled with love and compassion. Looking at her face, faded wrinkles and small bags under her eyes are visible. Most often, this would lead you to believe that she has not been able to sleep because her newborn was keeping her up, but something is telling you that those signs are there because she has so much love for her daughter that she wants to be together with her every waking moment of every day until the day finally comes when she can take the baby home with her to live with her and her husband. Seeing a mother care for her daughter this much shows that the all of the hate in the world is not important, people should look past it to find love for one another because it is so beautiful.

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