May 14, 2009
By MissyPillsbury BRONZE, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
MissyPillsbury BRONZE, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
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Her life is like an empty room she wants to hold things back to protect herself. She runs away from every little thing even if it makes her sad because every time she gets sad she always asks herself why she doesn’t open the doors for anyone because she is always alone and she doesn’t like it. But she is trying to protect herself so she doesn’t get hurt again from anyone that is out there in the real world. Her life is so empty she is scared to open the doors of the room for anyone because then if she did she would and to close up the doors again so she can protect herself from any harm.
So she decides to open the doors for a few minutes and when she saw a guy coming up to her door she froze in the door way of the room, she didn’t know what to do, so she didn’t move a muscle even when he walked in and further in the room, so she ran and then saw him reading a book. She forgot her room was attached to a library. Then she realized that she left the doors open to her room and she didn’t care anymore. Then she asked the guy if he wanted to talk but before they could get to there convocation more people came in and she asked them if they wanted to join in their conversation too. So then they sat down and started to talk.
She was happy that she kept the doors open because now she has new friends and isn’t lonely anymore, and she promised herself that she would never shut the doors ever again.

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