Spy On Me

May 5, 2009
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Steve Morell was walking to the briefing room. He was the tall dude with the pulled back into neat rows. His eyes where a hazel brown.
When he got to the room he saw the boss. She said’’ Agent 42 you’re going to India for your next mission.’’ Then Steve walked into the hall and down the hall to the launch pad and rode the loud the loud helicopter out to India.
When Steve arrived in India he found that a chauffer named Mohammed. He said he knew where Smitty was. So he got he ride to the bridge. On the way there they talked for a while. When they got the bridge a war helicopter flew out from the distance and shot Mohammed. Steve wasn’t worried until he saw that Mohammed was working for the criminals and that was a rival gang shoot out. Then he noticed that they were on an unfinished bridge so he kicked Mohammed out and got a hold of the steering wheel and stopped the car, but half of the car was hanging off. He had seconds before it fell. He had to jump out of the now falling car. He made it just in the nick of time. So after a while he was taken into a dark alley by a stranger. He took down the stranger and got a lighter out to see who it was. He found out who it was but not happy about it, because it was Smitty. Who gave him his new proper tools. Some of which where Ballers, A fiber wire, and a laser gun. He took them with joy. All of a sudden His pager rang. It was the boss and she said he had to take a boat to Africa for the mission. When Steve arrived on the ship he got sick. The Sickness was horrible it took for ever until he got over it. After he got over the Sickness he decided to explore the magnificent ship. At last he stumbled upon the lower part of the ship. What he saw was not good. It was terrorist lousy terrorist that no good word of terrorist that was a word that no one should say ever. He had to take them out so he took out The Ballers. The sound they made was deafening. The flashes were blinding. The screams of grown men were frightening. Until this moment in his life he heard a man scream. He hoped that he wouldn’t have to hear that sound again. After the shooting he had to run away he remembered a pipe. Steve gathered a scuba suite and dove down. The water was a deep greenish blue. It must have been a hundred feet down. When he finally reached the bottom he searched up and down for the pipe. He tried to think how far the pipe was. After hours of searching he had finally found the delicate structure and gently got out his laser and burned a small hole and slid threw. Some time after the wiggling and sliding he got threw. He chose to burn the metal back on the hole. Suddenly his suite slid off and revealed a nice Italian Silk Tuxedo.
‘’In bloody murder. Where the devil did this come from.’’ Said Steve.
Some how he knew that the pipe would reveal the continent of Africa. That was partially the burning heat.

About a mile of walking reveled the glaring light of Africa. That meant it was a little bit farther. Sprinting as fast as Steve could the daring young man made it to the end of the tunnel. What surprised him the most is that he found nothing. Timidly
Steve searched for cameras but he found no cameras. Quickly he heard a bizarre sound. Strange enough it was a helicopter. Steve took out his freezing cold grapple hook and fired the hook to the bottom of the helicopter. The helicopter transported him to the villain’s lair. When he entered the odd place it was forsaken. Abruptly his phone rang. It was the boss
‘’Smith is in the US.’’ she said. Finally the phone died. So he traveled to the USA.As fast as he could he traveled to America. Soon he arrived in District of Columbia. Sadly the Agency exploded.
‘’One Agent Died 42.’’.Said the boss. That ‘’One’’ agent was actually half of the Agency. Steve was so frustrated that he fired a round in to the decapitated training dummy. He already knew who did this. There was only one man on earth that could do this. The person was his clone. They say the story is that a mad man created the cloning process in the 80’s. His subject was a dead man named Ronald Duren. He cloned the man and created 4 doubles of him. The only mishap was they started as new born. Steve went on years of training. His number was #42. Eventually he adopted the name of Steve Morell. After the flash backs he visited his clone in the CIA. At the front desk he requested to see Agent Smith. Finally after the haggling [he paid her $20] she allowed him to see Smith. There in his office Smith spilled his guts. After the talk he said it’s the cause of World war 3. In the end Steve went in a coma from Smith firing two rounds into his chest. On August 12 2012 world war 3 began. That was due from the bombing of the Longitude towers. On August 12 2016 Steve awoke

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