April 29, 2009
By Atticus Enoch Rex BRONZE, Trenton, New Jersey
Atticus Enoch Rex BRONZE, Trenton, New Jersey
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Mr. Eiffel has been confused his whole life. His parents are nowhere to be found. His son has Cerebral Palsy. He was raised in the dark side of San Francisco. His job has little to no pay depending on the time of year. But he looks on the brighter side of his life. He knows his parents are out there somewhere. He had a home. He loves his son and his son loves him back. He has a job and it pays him most of the time. Mr. Eiffel has no enemies. Only that is going to change.

“Sir! Would you like to take a survey?” Mr. Eiffel said in his most joyful voice to the telephone.

“Um… I am sort of in the middle of something” The man on the other side replied.

“But it only takes about three minutes” Mr. Eiffel said feeling a little hurt.

The man hung up. Huh, better luck next time Mr. Eiffel thought. His son came into the room struggling to keep his leg from shaking too wildly.

“D-did he h-h-hang up dad?” His son asked.

“Yes. He hung up. But listen to me Andrew; I will get my paycheck on Thursday. We are going to go to Six Flags,” Mr. Eiffel Held his son in his arm and started to run around the house “Are you ready for the roller coaster?”

“Y-Yes!” Andrew squealed with excitement as his dad swung him around and around again. Mr. Eiffel put his son down and he was still laughing. He kept on laughing and the laughing got louder until it became coughing and the Mr. Eiffel knew something was wrong. Andrew was having a seizure.

Mr. Eiffel turned his son on his side and held his tongue. Andrew stopped shaking and was looking at his dad with a sad look that seemed to say you don’t deserve this; I am too much work for you. Andrew started to cry.

“No. Please. Don’t cry. I love you to much to see you crying,” Mr. Eiffel said, starting to cry himself “I love you too much. Too much to see you cry”

Mr. Eiffel ran out of the house while Andrew was still asleep and went to the movie store down the street and rented a Thomas the Tank Engine movie for Andrew. When Mr. Eiffel got back to the house he saw food already on the table and Andrew standing in front of the table.

“I-I made breakfast” Andrew exclaimed happily. Eager for his dad to try it.

“It looks very nice” Mr. Eiffel said. He sat down and took a bite. It was not very good. But he smiled and ate more.

“How was it” Andrew asked leaning forward with anticipation.

“Five stars!” Mr. Eiffel congratulated his son. “I have a secret for you to!” Mr. Eiffel pulled the movie out from his bag.

“Oh, yay!” Andrew ran forward and grabbed it from his dad’s hands and ran to the TV and tried to make it turn on. “Dad! C-can you help m-me?”

Mr. Eiffel turned on the TV and put the movie in. He started to walk away to work but his son stopped.

“Can’t you w-watch it with m-me dad?” Andrew asked.

“Oh why not.” Mr. Eiffel replied.

They watched the movie and when it was over they took a walk by the park.

“Dad?” Andrew asked.

“Yes?” Mr. Eiffel replied.

“Do you really love me?”

“Of course I do!”


The rest of the walk was completely silent.

I love you too much to see you cry Mr. Eiffel thought about what he said before you are always crying. I love you too much to love you. Mr. Eiffel argued with his thoughts but he knew that they were right. Mr. Eiffel could not love his son.

“Andrew! Lets go the train leaves in twenty minutes!” Mr. Eiffel called to Andrew.

“I-I thought t-that we w-w-were driving Dad” Andrew replied slightly confused.

“Change of plans.”


The walk to the train station. It was a quiet walk, like all the others. They finally got to the train station. Mr. Eiffel bout two tickets and handed Andrew one.

"When d-does the t-t-train come?" asked Andrew.

"In ten minutes so we have to hurry," replied Mr.Eiffel.

The were standing and waiting for the train. Andrew started counting the blue tiles on the train station walls. The train from the tunnel with a pretty decent blast of wind and came to a slow stop. Mr. Eiffel and Andrew got in the back car and sat down. Mr. Eiffel remembered his thoughts from the night before and had an idea that he would probably reret for the rest of his life.

"Andrew. I have to go and get my ticket re evaluated. It says that I'm going to Georgia," Mr. Eiffel said to his son

"O-ok dad" Andrew replied.

Mr. Eiffel got out of the train and never went back.

Mr. Eiffel was at his house sitting in front of the tv with a fire in the fireplace burning all of Andrews belongings from his room. There was a story on the news that night that there was a major crash in the subway. Only one death occured. A small unacompanied boy had died in that crash. The young boys file came up on the screen.
Name: Andrew Eiffel
Age: 6
Adress: 567 barton Ave Los Angeles, CA Guardian/Parent: Alex Eiffel

The author's comments:
This will become a novel and the crash was just an alternate ending I added.

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