In The End...

April 28, 2009
As I sit on the edge of the old bridge, I look down. Not land, nor sea is below me; just the black abyss of the unknown world. I wonder to myself if this is the right decision, and it is easily chosen silently in my mind. I wonder to myself how they will react. Will they cry? Will they rejoice? Everyone said that it would all end soon. The end is just a thing that will always be there, yet will never come true. The end will never come. I can’t live in this fatal, monotonous, hell that is my life. But I’ve found what no one can ever take from me; death. I step onto the railing of the high bridge, knowing the rocky dangers that lie below. The thought of the dangers below make me step one rung higher onto the railing. Silently, I ask God to help my family. To let them know that it was something I had to prove to myself; that hell has an ending. In the silence of the night, I slowly remove one foot from the railing, holding on to the post to my right. I hesitate, then I make my final movements of my life, and quietly remove my hand, throwing me into the brutal unknown that lies below.

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