Walking on the mountain

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

One day it was summer time my friends and me liked to go on the mountain. We were just thinking how to say to the parents how to
go because we was just 9th grade. The time it’s going faster we tried but the plan not work, we talk to each other on the phone and we were
thinking to go tomorrow. We ask our parents they said you guys can go but to be with somebody older than you and your friend Bona say’s don’t
worried guys I’m going to be with you and your parents just laugh, she says what’s funny? Yes I can go I went one time there so I know where we
are going.

The time went so fast, we prepared to take something to eat we bought many stuff. It’s time to go we were like 18 people who are going to
the mountain. For the moment there were just 17 and I said one is missing my other friend said Bona is missing. What the hell it’s going on, she said that she’s coming nut she’s not anywhere. We wait for her for like 35 minutes, we wore pants, caps and short shirts etc. When we saw Bona she was wearing crazy colors, dress that looks likes short dress I was really nervous when I saw her. I said to her where are you, what is that dress we are not going in party, She said it’s ok. Manu I’m feeling more comfortable with short dress. Ok it’s your problem. Let’s go now, lets walk. We walk ed up half way up the mountain but we were so tired, that day was so hot the sun was so shiny, we walk ed in the mountain we found some little strawberries they were so good like you put in those some sugar they were awesome. We stop to eat some strawberries but my friend can’t stop eating them they were delicious. I said let’s go guys we have just a little bit to walk and we will be there. Some says okay some says we are coming but they were not, so we got lost I was just screaming where they lost, this is a big mountain we can’t find each other. We tried to find them, they told us we were lost. The time was 3 o’clock we needed to be back home at 6 o‘clock we never got to see the entire mountain. We walk till 3:30 and we found those and we never separate.

We finally made it to the mountain, we had so much fun, but the funniest thing was in the mountain has in underground a small room
there has a small bats and they are black they always stay there because it’s to dark. I been one time with my cousin and my sisters and I was so
afraid in that room many people who visited that place they write there’s name down. I didn’t tell about that to my friends that there was bat I just said let’s go in that room and take a picture it’s so fun. They didn’t know I was waiting in the stairs they just scream “Oh my god what the hell is this, it has the bet in this damn room.”
I was laughing so hard. The time go so fast we need to back home, we talk all things and we start to walk down in the mountain, we screamed, laugh, we saw a bunny it was beautiful. We haven’t so much fun.
When we went home my parents said to me, “ You are late your suppose to be on 6 0’clock here”, I said we go to buy something to eat, I was so hungry and my mom said I prepared for you … I said okay I’m sorry. My dad said to me this is the last time, you can’t go anywhere you are in grounded, I start to cry. I just left my bag in living room I go in the
bedroom. But my dad not was serious he just said to me to do me a nervous I was so mad.

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