Just This One Time

April 23, 2009
By JuliaSm BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
JuliaSm BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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School was boring; I just want it to get it over with. I always try not to sleep in my classes especially English and Science. When the bell rang, I walked to my locker. Got my stuff and walked to Dylan’s locker place. I always felt watched, I always do. Since I’m good looking.
I’m 5’10”, white/black; I’m well-dressed, green eyes, great smile, athletic, and great skin. Trish always says I’m “Beautiful”. Trish is my friend and Dylan is my best friend.
I saw Dylan walking, towards me.
“Hey dude! Whats up?”
“Nothing really, I was going to go see you. I wanted to ask if we’re going…”
“Yes, as ALWAYS! We’re going to Brazil!”
Trish is coming towards us; I don’t know if I like her. It’s so hard to tell if she likes me. She’s always like that. I don’t even know how she does it.
“Hey guys. How’s your day going so far?”
I looked at Dylan “Hey Trish, my days great. Classes been boring.”
Dylan always tries to be weird. “Trish, you always know my days always great.”
“Oh yeah, about going to Brazil, when are we going?”
“Saturday, already got the tickets, got me packed since its Thursday”
“Awesome, can’t wait till we go.”
Trish looked excited. She knows we travel a lot. “Can I go? I have money that I have been saving up for importance.”
I want her to go, Dylan I don’t know about him. He always wanted someone to come, it’s just been him and I, every time we go.
“Sure, tickets are $2,395. It would be fun if you came with us.”
“Yeah I got enough money to go, just need to go to the bank and check if I can get money out.”
I got home after school, with my new Toyota car. Its awesome my dad got it for me. My parents are divorced and I think it’s because of me, but I’m not so sure for that. I have three brothers and sister. My older sister lives with her boyfriend, going to be engaged. I’m the second oldest. I’m living with my mom right now.
I talked to my mom about traveling, she's okay with it as long as I’m alright. I told her I'm going to Brazil with Dylan. She asked what about school, I told her I got it. I’ve already packed.
Days have passed. Its Saturday morning, I went to go see my dad to tell him I’m going to Brazil. He always says, “This time don’t forget to get a souvineer.”
Well I said my goodbyes and they all said to buy them something from the places.

We got to Brazil. It was awesome, thick jungles, waterfalls, and the religion. I took a lot of pictures. We’re in Dalilava, it’s a hotel where we are staying in. I did like Trish, I wasn’t sure but she had a different room. We planned to go for a trip to get out of the town, to see waterfalls. Go with a lot of people.
We got excited, and jumped in to the waterfall. Trish didn’t want too, she didn’t want to swim. The people were looking around and cheProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ing out things, and we were just swimming.
A guy name Bogan, arrived, he looked disturbed. I was wondering what was wrong, so I went to go ask what’s up. He said the car is gone. I went to go see Dylan and Trish, told them. They both said it’s good. We can spend a night in this jungle.

Unfortunatley, they all panic. We kept asking what was wrong and theirs nothing to be scared of, its just jungle. Bogan has finally told us that theirs guys with guns that kill people and also can hold hostage. Well I kind of was scared of guys with guns. I really wanted to go back to the town. Dylan, he was scared also, but he didn’t show it. Trish, well she panic. I told her its going to be fine. We were just standing and talking to each other. Dylan, Trish, Bogan, and I we just went on walking back, but we didn’t know which way to go, we were just following Bogan.
We stopped cause of the night was coming. We laid and talked, talked about our past and the future. All I thought about was my family. I really did miss my family. I never thought my life would be in great danger and how I would die. I didn’t die though, but what if I did, what will happen? Would my family know? I finally got it together. I didn’t want to think about that and think what to do and how to get back. I fell asleep.
“Trish!” I woke from that sound. Dylan yelling out her name.
“Trish! We’re gonna start walking now!”
“Where is she?”
“she went to go bathroom, she took a while now. Lets go look for her.”
We started walking and I was thirsty and hungry. We were walking different directions. I looked back, thought I heard something. I went to go look, Trish popped up. That got me scared. I looked back and yelled out Dylan and Bogan. She told us to be quite. I was like aright. Then she lead us to a thick tree, and we were wondering where we were going. Finally she stopped and pointed and told us to be quite. Our jaws dropped, saw the people who we were with yesterday, been abducted by the guys who have guns.
Well after that I told them lets go to the town now and tell them. I don’t think it’s our business to do this, its too dangerous. Bogan, said he wanted to help them and safe them. Dylan and Trish agreed. I didn’t want too risk my life for this. I would be killed.
We thought of a plan, I got into this. They begged me to help. So I decided to help. As night falls, we’ll go and free them quietly. I was the lookout guy. When I would see a guy with gun, I would whistle. That was the plan. We had to wait till night falls in. Finally it was time. All I had was a thick wood and it was long, just in case of something. Well Bogan went first, then Dylan, Trish was at mid point looking around and looking out like I am. Finally 4 people who I don’t know came. I told them to go up to the think tree where were earlier in the afternoon. 2 came again and finally Bogan and Dylan came.
“is that all the people?” I asked. I was like of course what a stupid question.
“yeah, lets go, I don’t want to be caught now.”
We started to walk and they thanked us. I felt like a hero. They all wanted to go home. They wanted to be with there family. I wanted to see my family. It felt like it was a week, even though its been three days. As we walked, we heard like a big boom, but it was a bell like, a siren.
We heard guys with guns in the trees, I saw one, I was yelled RUN!

We started running, Bogan was last. We heard a gun shot. I looked back, Bogan was on the ground laying. I heard my own heart bounding fast, then, just then all the things were going fast, even I was going fast.

We stopped to rest, no guns men were following us. I was sure we were close to a village. I think we were close to Gambia. Well one of the people started walking, we all walked with him. We were following along the river. We were happy we all made it. The place was a small village near Gambia. They brought us to Gambia. Went to the hotel and ate, we changed, and then Dylan and I started to pack, I told him that im going to check on Trish. Got into Trish’s room and she was packed already, she said she was gonna go home. Told her that we were thinking the same.

We got home. I told my family how my trip was. They gotten worried and they even gotten mad because I would have died. They got over that. I called Trish and Dylan to meet at a restaurant. I asked them if they were okay. They were okay of coarse, but I can’t forget that nightmare. I could never forget all though I want to forget it.

We graduated, Dylan went to an Harvard, Trish and I went to Chicago to a college, art school. I went to a College, I don’t know, but I have had a scholarship. I think im going to be in English, I was good at it. Trish and I live together in an apartment. I quit my job. I now have a new job, a better one also. My new journey is beginning.

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