Daddy Comes Back

April 27, 2009
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“It was a long time ago she probably wont remember me” I heard the man named José say.
“I’ve been waiting so long for you to come back” she started to tell the man named José. I really didn’t want to listen so I went outside to talk to my best friend Nataly.
“Hey Jennie, what’s up?” Nataly called me.
“Noting I was just inside and I overheard my mom talking to this man,” I told her
“What were they talking about?” Nataly asked me. Nataly always loves drama. She would tell me that drama was how you make it out of high school. Were in our 2nd year of high school which means were sophomores. We have like the same classes together. Nataly loves P.E but I don’t. I guess it’s a good thing I made the soccer team. Nataly is my best friend she has dark hair and blue eyes. She loves to go to the beach especially Mission Beach. We go to Bel-Mont Park every like weekend.
“I don’t know what they were talking about but it seems like there were talking about my dad” I told her.
“Your dad, didn’t he abandon you and your mom?” she asked me.
“Yea, but I’ve never seen him in my life.” I started telling Nataly.
“Well maybe you should just get to know him, he could be really cool. Yaw know” she started telling me “ He could be like the best dad ever he could take you shopping and buy you what ever you like” she started to talk me into getting to know him. But I didn’t really want to get to know him especially since he’s been hanging around so much.
“Jen” my mom was calling me
“Coming mom” I yelled back. “Well I got to go Nataly ill call you later”. Then I hung up my cell phone and went to see what my mom wanted. As I turned the corner to go into the kitchen then to my surprise I saw my mother kissing Jose the man that Nataly told me to get to know! I had to go and call Nat to tell her.
“Oh” said my mother “There you are, I was looking for you” my mom started to explain.
“And I told you I was coming” I cut her off. “Mom, can I talk to you?” I asked her.
“Sure honey” she told me.
“Now” I told her. I started to walk towards the hall and I didn’t here my moms footsteps behind me. So I turned around and saw my mom and Jose making out. Totally disgusted I ran to call Nataly and tell her everything.
“Hello Nataly, you there” I asked her.
”Yea im here, what’s wrong Jennie?” she asked me.

“I…I…I…I just saw my mom ki…ki…ki…kissing Jose.” I started to tell her.
“Wait who’s Jose?” she interrupted me

“Jose is the man you told me to get along with,” I told her
“Well maybe she has a good reason to be kissing that Jose guy” she started to explain.

“What reason? There is no reason to be kissing a man that she just met” I interrupted her.

“Maybe she didn’t just him,” she told me.
“What do you mean didn’t just meet him?” I asked her in a harsh tone.
“Well yesterday when I saw him leave your house I thought he looked a little familiar so I asked my mom and she showed me a picture of him holding a baby girl and then I asked my mom who that little girl was and she said the baby was you” she paused. That news took me by surprise. “Ya I was surprised too,” she told me.
So that Jose guy is my dad,” I asked her.
“I think so well that’s what I got by the picture,” she told me.
“Well Nat I got to go and talk to my mom Ill call you later” I told her slowly.
“K” she answered. So I hung up and went to go and talk to my mom. I found her alone in the living room,
“Mom” I said.
“Ya Jen, what’s up?” She asked.
“Well, Dannie has a picture of Jose with a little baby girl, that she said was me.” I told her. Dannie is Nataly’s mom she’s really cool she always takes us to the movies and to the mall or to Bel-Mont Park. “And she told me that Jose is my father” I explained, “ Is he my father?” I asked.
“Well yea” She told me.
“And your taking him back after all these years he’s not here?” I started to yell. “ Mom im practically driving and he shows up now wanting to play the part of Daddy!” I yelled at her.

“You don’t speak to me in that tone young lady” mom told me.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you mom its just that it took me by surprise when I saw you kissing José or dad, whatever his name is” I told her calmly.
“I know im sorry that it happened when you came in and I should’ve told you about your dad” She told me.
“Well you shouldn’t be kissing him anyway,” I told her. “Well do I have to call him dad?” I asked her.
“You don’t have to but he will probably like it” She told me.
“But I barely know him mom” I told her
“I know sweetie,” she told me
“Fine ill hanging out with him only if Nataly, Ysabella, and Daniella can go.” I told her.
“Well its up to him not me” she told me.

“José” I called.
“Yeah” he called back.
“Do you want to hang out with me and my friends?” I asked him
“Sure were we going to go,” he asked me.
“Ill ask my friends,” I told him

“Hey Nat” I called her.
“Hey” she answers
“Do you want to go bowling with me?” I asked her.
“Sure, why you wanna go?” she asked me.
“ Well im gonna try to get to know José” I told her
“Why do you want me to go?” she asked
“Cause im going to invite Ysabella and Daniella.” I told her.
“Oh, ok ill go” she told me
‘Thanks” I told her
Then I called Daniella and Ysabella and they both said they could both make it.

“That was a lot of fun,” I told him. “I didn’t know you were that good”
“Well I had a lot of practice when I was young” he told me
“Thanks dad, I had a lot of fun,” I told him.
“Your welcome” he told me with a grin on his face.
“Well I see you later” I told him. “I’m gonna go and spend the night at Nataly’s house”
“Did you tell your mom?” he asked me.
“Its just next door” I told him “I always go over there, and besides she doesn’t care”
“Ok then” he said.
That night when I was at Nataly’s house she told me that she had a great time and she knew that I would have fun. And she was right I had a lot of fun but one question I had was why didn’t he pay attention to me he was looking at Daniella the whole time. “Hey Nat u realize that my dad was looking at Daniella the whole time, kinda creepy huh” I told her.
“Yea, that was kinda weird well oh well,” she says making it obvious that she didn’t want to talk about it so I drop it. “So you and Danny are still together huh. Did u tell your dad”?
“Yea we are still together, no I didn’t tell my dad. Why” I asked her “its not like my dad will care”
“Are you sure he doesn’t care?” she asked
“Do you want me to ask him?” I asked sarcastically.
“Sure why not” she told me.
“ Your serious about this” I asked her
“Yea” she said
“Fine” I told her.
So I went to tell him about my boyfriend and he act like I thought he would. He was very calm, like he already went threw something like this. Then I asked him why he was so calm. Then he said that he had a daughter with his marriage before he came back to us.
“How old was is she?” I asked him.
“She’s about your age,” he told me.
“Well um I got to go”. OMG I totally had to go and tell Nataly. “Hey Nataly” I said.
“So did you tell him about you and Danny” she asked me anxious to hear if he said anything that would make her say I told you so, but it would be me saying I told you so.
“By a matter a fact I did tell him” I told her.
“And what did he say?” she asked.
“He was fine with it,” I told her.
“That’s weird I thought he would act all paranoid” she said.
“Ya, me to but then he said that he already went threw all that stuff” I told her.
“With who?” she asked.
“He told me he had a daughter before, and ya,” I told her
“OMG, how old is she?” she asked me.
“She’s our age,” I told her.

“Bigger OMG” she said
“I know right, well at least he doesn’t care,” I told her
“Ya that’s good” she told me “My dad always freaks out when ever Seth calls me I tell him he needs to calm down its not like we do anything, u know what I mean, wait you don’t know what that means cause you and Danny can do anything you want” she said
“That’s not true we barely do anything, were not like Ysabella and Joey,” I told her.
“I know, wait what do Ysabella and Joey do?” she asked.
“You should know she one of our best friends,” I told her.
“Ya but I forgot” she told me.
Well they like totally maked out and he wanted to take it to the next level but the she freaked out and told him to stop” I told her.
“Oh ya now I remember,” she said.

The next day I went to school Danny was as sweet as ever, but Nataly couldn’t stop looking at Ysabella and Joey. Then in passing period she couldn’t stop looking at Danny and me, probably waiting to find us doing something that her and Seth never did. But I already beat her to the kissing stage she seemed kind mad at that especially since she three months older than me. But like always she found nothing, she probably would have gone and told José, but before José came in the picture she would go tell mom but she didn’t care. She didn’t really care what I did with my boyfriends especially since she had me when she was 16. Its funny because every one says after they go to a quinceñiera then they see the girl a couple months after the quinceñiera she pregnant and that’s what happened to my mom.
Today went good; when I got home José asked me “what school do you go to?”
“I go to Clairemont,” I told him.
“Why do you go their?” he asked like I was supposed to go to a goodie good school for rich kids.
“What’s wrong with Clairemont?” I asked him “huh all my friends go their and do you suppose Marston is bad to”
“Well its just a bunch of druggies go their” he said.
“Are you saying my friends are druggies?” I asked him mad know.
“No” he said.
“Then what are you saying” I asked him “huh”
“I’m saying that you shouldn’t go to high school their” He said “your probably failing though” he mumbled under his voice.
“To let you know I’m not failing, I’m at the top of my class, so u just shut up and stop acting like you my father” I told really pissed now
“Hey you don’t speak to me like that cause im your…” he started to say.
“You’re my father? What are you talking about you just popped in to the picture saying you’re my father” I yelled at him “Me and my mom were doing just fine before you came back so you can go back to your daughter back in who knows were!” That was the last time I talked to him that day, and forever.

“Juanita, get in here” my mom yelled.
“What mom?” I asked.
“Why were you yelling at your dad?” she asked
“First of all he’s not my dad and second he started talking crap about my friends and he was calling them druggies” I told her “ and you know that they aren’t druggies at all”
“Yes I know, but he left” she said with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t care mom, I bet you didn’t know that he has a daughter a year younger than me,” I told her. “Look, mom, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by making him leave, but you should care if that guy, or any guy, is hurting your daughter mentally or physically, he just showed up out of the blue and started to be my dad, he didn’t even know me or any of my favorite things to do”. My mother just stared at me with a blank expression.

That was he last time we ever heard from José and I didn’t care because Nataly’s dad was the father figure to me. My mom never got over him leaving until the month before I graduated from high school. Danny and me were still together and so was Seth and Nataly. Its funny how love can stay together, but it sucks for Ysabella she got pregnant a couple moths after her quince but at least Joey is a gentleman and stayed with her. I think there still together. Ysabella’s dad made her go to one of those schools for pregnant teenagers. Ysabella got into USD; she had a daughter, named her Maria. Darling little girl she is has brown hair and blue eyes. She still comes and visits Danny and me in LA. I got a scholarship to UCLA and so did Danny. It’s funny how you can change cities and root for a team that was your rivals ever since you were little. Danny proposed to me and we got married on a beach in LA. Nataly and Seth live in San Diego now, Nataly and Seth got a scholarship to UCSD. Seth proposed to her a year after Danny proposed to me. They got married on the beach, which was Nataly’s dream. We are all still friends. Daniella is an actress on Hollywood I see her every now and then she’s married to Carlos this guy she met on the set of the movie Doggie School. She has two kids a boy and a girl.

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