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April 20, 2009
By madison stewart BRONZE, Eagle Mountain, Utah
madison stewart BRONZE, Eagle Mountain, Utah
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Breaking News:

Four men escaped from an asylum today. They have been known to be dangerous and weak minded. They have already been tracked to Las Vegas. be on the look out. Also in Las Vegas a young girl disappeared from a hotel room. They think her disappearance is connected to the men that escaped. The girl’s name is Alesa. She is eight years old, and she Is three feet tall with long dirty blond hair and blue eyes. She has a small birth mark next to her nose like a dot. Be on the look out.

Alesa woke up to a jet black room. She felt dazed and her head hurt. She reached up to touch it. She had a large goose egg on the crown of her head, and she cringed as a wave of pain passed through her head. She quickly jerked her hand away. She tried to remember where she was and how she got there and how she had come to have the bump.
She recalled the roars of unfamiliar voices yelling at her, a crash, a sharp pain in her head, then darkness. She was trying to remember more when suddenly a roar of laughter erupted beyond the dark room. Then yelling and then crashing as if a fight were going on. Alesa shrank from the frightening voices of what seemed to belong to angry men. She tried to remember something happy. Something to avert her mind from the horrifying noises coming from beyond the room. She remembered her mother carrying a pink suit case, her hair slightly ruffled. Her father had been carrying her and a rolling bag in his other arm. She recalled feeling excited. She remembered many people talking, men talking, laughing, even yelling. Alesa shuddered. She tried remembering again,but before she could recall any more than a long hallway with many doors, a new noise erupted from the room beyond the one she was in. A boom, Like a rock falling on metal, only sharper. Alesa could barely hold back a horrified screech. She did not want the angry, scary men to know she was there. Angry talking started again. There was a ruffling of a bag then a loud thump. Then there was a quiet hissing like they were dragging a heavy garbage bag to the street. a huge beam of light came from the far side of the room. The silloette of a man stood with a large bag in his hand. He threw it close to her. Then she heard a low growl then a grunt. The beam disappeared instantly. More talking came from the room beyond. She slowly inched over to the bag, being as quiet as possible in case the men heard her and hurt her because they might not want her to touch the bag. When she had reached the unmoving bag she slowly undid the rope. She reached in to touch what was inside because she could see nothing in the dark, dusky, scary room. She touched something cold and stiff. She instantly remembered where she had felt that waxy cold feeling. When her grandma Lily died she had felt like that in her casket. Alesa leapt back with a yelp. “ Where am I ?!” she cried helplessly. The talking stopped abruptly. Then heavy footsteps grew closer. Alesa shrank back. They had heard her! Now they were going to punish her for looking into the bag! She scooted as fast as she could away from the bag. Then what she believed to be the door opened suddenly,and then slammed against the wall. A man stomped into the room and grabbed her by the dirty pink shirt she was wearing.
“ You little brat! You want them to hear you?” he yelled into her ear. She thought that his yelling would surly be heard by whomever he was talking about more than her quiet shrill cry, but she didn’t dare say that out loud.
“Who?” she asked feebly. He hesitated.
“just be quiet!” he scolded. She tried to shrink from his loud menacing voce, and his face. His eyes were small and piercing. He had dark stressed features. He threw her to the ground, then turned to go out of the room, when suddenly another door opened and she heard whimpering.
“l-l-le-let me go!” came a small scared voce. Alesa was curious as to who owned the the frightened voice, but she dared not move. She waited, hoping they would explain but she doubted it.
“ Look what I found searching for it’s mummy!” came a fearsome voice. It had menacing amusement in it.
“ Go on Dave, throw her in with the other one,” said the man that had grabbed and scolded her. Then a shape appeared at the door that had not been closed yet by the scary menacing man. He held something in his hand that appeared to be a small shaking figure being held by it’s hair. The whimpering grew louder. Then the man at the door flung the figure into the darkness beside Alesa and slammed the door shut. The figure that seemed to be a little girl gave a small wail at the noise.
“ Where am I ?!” came the small shrill voice.
“ Hush!” I whispered earnestly, remembering the scolding.
“Why?!” she wailed a little quieter. “ Who are you any way?”
“I’m Alesa but please be quiet okay?”
“Okay. I’m Lily.”
“ Okay, Lily, We need to escape.” Alesa wondered if there was hope of escape. Then she remembered the person the men feared would hear her. If the person heard them, maybe the person could rescue them from the men instead of trying to escape themselves.
“ We need to yell as loud as we possibly can,” Alesa suddenly whispered.
“ What?” Lily whispered back.
“If we yell the people that the men are frightened of will rescue us.”
“ How do you know?”
Alesa didn’t know.
“It’s our only chance .” she whispered.
They began to yell.

“What was that?” said Johnny a police man searching the Cosmos Hotel for the missing girls.
“ I don’t know,” said his partner Phil.
“ Lets go check it out! It might be the girls!”
“ It came from the basement I think.” They raced down the basement stairs and ran down the long dim hall. Then the room at the end of the hall erupted with noise.
“ This is the police! Open up!” When it didn’t open they burst through the door.

Alesa was grasped by the hair and dragged through the door. She let the man drag her and fear of what would happen overwhelmed her. He had almost dragged her to the other door when it burst open. police stood in the doorway staring at them. then every thing went in slow motion. the men tried to fight with the police. then more came, and more! they were saved! soon every man had been captured and the police were gently guiding them. every thing when so fast that she found her self in her mothers . and every thing was safe suddenly again. she looked up to se lily with her family. she wised her well. she was safe an d now that was all that mattered to Alesa.
The End

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on Apr. 25 2009 at 4:44 am
kumiko-chan SILVER, Moreno Valley, California
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awww that was such a great story!

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