One Missed Flight

February 17, 2009
By Erick Vargas BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Erick Vargas BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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“JAMES…HURRY UP OR YOU’RE GOING TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT!” I was tired of living down here in Kansas City with my mom so I decided to go live with my dad in Las Vegas, Nevada. There was nothing to do here when my mom and dad got divorced.

My dad and I used to do everything together. He was my best friend, but like always, my mom drove him away like all the nice guys she meets. Now she’s got this new boyfriend whose a BIG jerk. His name is Bill. He’s always hitting me because I don’t come on time. It’s really getting on my nerves because she drives all the good guys away but keeps the jerks. I can’t stay out past 9: 30 and with my friends, and I’m about to turn 18 in Febuary.

“James…hurry up and get in the car before I make you get in.” yelled Bill from the inside of his black with white racing stripes Ford Mustang. “O…Okay, here I come, GOSH.” I yelled back. I heard the car door open and slam shut. I had a feeling Bill was coming to get me. He kicked my bedroom door open and raised his hand and it was coming down hard and fast. He hit my face and left a mark. “Are you raising your voice at me, are you raising your voice at daddy!” he said in a calm voice. “N…no sir” I said with a stutter. “Okay then…hurry up.” He said with a raised voice. He turned around and there it was, my chance to get him back for all the stuff he’s done to me. I grabbed my lamp and unplugged it. I walked out quietly and hit him as hard as I could on the back of his head. He was on the ground when my mom walked in with a bag of groceries. She dropped them and went to the phone. I new exactly what she was going to do…call the cops. So I immediately grabbed my bags and stormed out. I went back for Bill’s car keys. I put the keys in the ignition. I put the car in reverse to get out of my driveway. Then I drove off as fast as the car would go. I didn’t know where to go but I knew I had to leave Kansas…I mean, I just killed somebody. What was I supposed to do, stay there, I don’t think so. I don’t want to go to jail.

I was January and I had nowhere to go. I couldn’t go to the airport, that’s the first place they would look. Maybe I could call my dad and fill him on the situation. He might help out. I new I had miss my flight and I could forget about leaving Kansas. WAIT! I thought to myself, I do have about $300,000 dollars in my savings account…maybe $400,000. I could pay someone to get me to Las Vegas without getting caught. My best friend Matt would do it. Me and him would die for each other. I know that sounds kind of gay but Matt’s like my older brother.

It was already 11:00 when I called so me and him would meet up at Driftwood Elementary tomorrow around noon. Driftwood was my old elementary school. That’s where Matt and I met.

Matt took his 2008 BMW to the school and left it there. We took my car and The drive took about 36 hours. Me and Matt just slept in the car. I mean, why spend money when the drive took about a day and a half. That reminded me to pay Matt so I stopped by an ATM and withdrew about $900 dollars. I couldn’t thank Matt enough for risking life in prison for me. So I gave him $900 dollars for his next months rent and for his airplane ticket
1 week later

It took about 2 weeks to find my dad because I didn’t have his contact information. I finally found out where he worked so I camped out there until it was his shift.

There he was, my dad, my best friend. When I saw him, I yelled “DAD1” He saw me and ran straight to me and gave me the biggest bear hug I’ve ever had. I almost couldn’t breath. My dad asked for the day off since I came. So he went to his boss’ office to ask him. He asked me to wait outside. He came back out and he went back to work. I asked where he was going, pretending where he was going because I new he had to go back to work. He told me he was going to put his stuff in his locker. He told me to go wait by the car. I got in the car when I heard some gun shots. I ran to the locker room and someone was bleeding. I knew this someone . It was my dad. I checked his pulse… He was dead. I knelt over him, crying. The person that shot my dad came out with a ski mask. He took it off. Bill? It was my step dad. He had a bandage around his head filled with blood. “I…I thought you were dead!” I said with panic in my voice. “Yeah, well, you thought wrong!” He raised the gun up at me and was inches away from my head. So I kicked him in the leg, kicked the gun, went to my dad, grabbed his keys and ran to the car. Bill was already up and shooting. I opened the drivers door and got in. I lamed the door, put the keys in the ignition and left. I was going 140 mph when I checked the speedometer. I was on the highway and was going straight to the police station. I got there and ran inside. I told them what had happened and it turned out that Bill was already there. So I ran outside and the cops were following me, but I didn’t care. I drove off and I knew exactly where I was going…MEXICO! No cops would find me there, but I had to find a way to get them off of my back. So I went back on the highway and I was on high speed pursuit. I went as fast his my dads Porsche would go. I was hitting 195 mph. I wasn’t looking when a pickup truck hit me from the side when I got off of the highway. My life flashed right before my eyes. I knew I was dead. The Porsche flipped and flipped and flipped for about 2 minutes and the car caught on fire. I was about to die and BOOM! I was gone.

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