A Little Taste of Heaven

February 16, 2009
By Katlyn Arndt BRONZE, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Katlyn Arndt BRONZE, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
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It is a new morning. The exquisite sun delivers dawn as it’s radiance glows upon the cabin like a massive flashlight, exhibiting a view that you cannot see when the nightfall envelopes the earth like a blanket. A view of butterscotch candy colored walls with imperceptible cracks, and cayenne pepper colored roof. The fog leisurely creeps up from the tenacious terrain, cloaking my skin in a filmy coat of mist. The wind is like a tempting typhoon, causing the rolling spirals of water to collapse upon one another. It whips ferociously and echoes through the sky like a wandering wolf. The swooshing of the waves and the harmonic songs of the birds are melodious to my ears. The freshly cut verdant grass is refreshing and nose tickling. It is crisp and dewy as I sweep my bare feet through it. Shards of grass camouflage the bottom of my feet and toes. I step onto the scabrous stony sidewalk and I stride up the screechy steps.

As I open the door, a burst of warm air floods over my body and rushes through my veins. The hallway leading to the kitchen is narrow and infinitesimal. I entered the exorbitant eating quarters and a sweet vapor cuddles my nose. There on a finely detailed plate, five consummate pancakes are stacked high. Syrup dribbles swiftly over the edges like a golden-brown waterfall. On the opposite side of the room are little outgoing adventure seekers, building forts made out of flocculent flannel quilts, and playing Hide-and-Seek until Grandpa terminates their tomfoolery. In the living room, three immense windows filter in the scintillating sunlight. It invites you to escape the crazed chaos, and enjoy the tranquility of the outside world. It is a world of untouched beauty, a quiet hideout, and a little taste of heaven.

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