Women SHOULD be in the front line during war

May 26, 2017

Men and women are now completely equal and able to fight in front line during war. Now women are fighting front line during war it also means that we have to sign up to be drafted. When this point was made to us, we quickly responded saying that we didn't want to be drafted, only to be in front line with others. I can't believe they approve this it may have a negative effect on certain things. Such as, women may get sexual abuised, fall in love and get pregnant, leave family behind. Its crazy because its already happening to people.

Ive been tossing and turning all night because I had taken a nap during the day. I decided it would be nice to walk around my complex. I sat up on the edge of my bed and walk towards my room door where I kept my flops. As I walked out of my room into my dark hallway I was touching the wall trying to find where the light switch is located. My heart started racing, my hands got sweaty, my eyes were having trouble adjusting to the darkness and when finally calmed down I found the light switch. If you haven't noticed i’m really scared of the dark. I finally exit my apartment and started my journey walking around. Truly was a beautiful night outside i’ve never seen so much stars at night. As I passed by my mailbox I remembered that I haven’t checked the mail in a while. I approached my mailbox and grabbed my key out my back pocket. I opened my mailbox and it was filled but only 2 letters fell out. One was my Metropcs phone bill and the other had bold words saying Important in the middle. I opened the one that said important immediately and it said Carla Ortiz had been chosen to be drafted during World War 3. I fell to the floor crying for about 20 minutes until I could not cry no more. My father lived in the same complex as I had so I ran to his house and showed him the letter. We both were crying together and what made it worse is I was leaving in 1 week. That entire week I was at a gun range practicing shooting and simple skills such as camouflaging, studying what plants I can eat, working with others and ect. The day I got drafted was the worst my father was very depressed.

As I was training and waiting for them to put me into the war I became very close to a group of people. There names were Emma, Brittany, and Devin. But I liked devin the most he was very tall, had ocean blue eyes, very tan, had the cutest accent, and very sweet. I think we have a connection honestly. Well the next day I wasn’t feeling well and guess who was there when I needed them Devin of course. He pretended to be sick and got excused from training and they told him he was allowed him to go rest. He went into my bunk instead. It was still early in the morning and I had about 2 blankets on me and was shivering. Devin stepped up to where I was lying and had giving me meds for my fever and then cuddled with me. Later on I was feeling a bit better. Then guess what they called Emma and me down. They told us its time for us to be front line in war. I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone he had to leave immediately. 

That same day they transferred us and we were out in the front line. I was very depressed about everything that had happened and just wanted to give up. But I thought about my father that needed me and the guy that I loved and knew I needed to do everything I could to survive. A year had passed by and they let us go back home. My father had picked me up in the airport and inside his car I saw another person there. As I got closer I realized that it was devin and I ran towards the car and he saw me running and he jumped out the car and we hugged forever. Years had passed by and Devin and I are still together and we will never let anything separate us again.

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