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April 3, 2017
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Tommy’s Perspective
           My dad has been a British soldier for his whole life. When I was born he returned to my care. How do I know this? My mom, Tammy told me all of father’s stories as a soldier. My dad, Timmy was an advanced soldier of the British conflict. My father taught me how to shoot a gun when I was 4 years old. I said my first word a year before. Today Is my 10th birthday. I love target practice with my dad. I always miss though. My dad had a much bigger gun. Like 5 feet of so. My dad always gave me a small gun I don't know why I have asked him countless times and he keeps saying this; “I gave you this gun because I don't want you to accidentally get hurt while using a dangerous weapon like that.” He says the same thing every single time. The bullets that I have doesn't even go far! It only goes 10 feet max. My dad’s bullets go so far it could go a few houses far!
            “Come on son” My dad said. I shot my first gun when I was 4. “I'm trying dad.” I said. I pulled the trigger on my gun. Sadly, it only went like a yard in length. “Almost, Tommy.” My dad always said that too. “Oh come on,” I shouted angrily My dad hasn’t missed a single bullet. Dad can Shoot 10 bullets in 50 seconds!
            “Timmy! Tommy! Time for dinner.” Mom says out the window. “I’m sorry but I have to go back somewhere.” Dad suddenly says. “It's that time again, huh?” My mom said disappointed.” My dad gave me a hug, kissed his wife and left.” I sat in front of the door for countless hours, but there was no sign of my dad.
           I woke up the next morning thinking; “Maybe I could try his gun.” My dad's gun was nowhere to be seen. “Maybe Dad took his gun with him,” I thought. “But why would he take a powerful gun somewhere with him? He wouldn’t hurt a fly,” I thought. An idea popped into my head. “Oh no,” I said. I dedicated the next few years to learn how to use my gun by myself. We were not really rich without my father. I didn’t have a lot of ammo because of this. My father worked but it's been so long that I can’t even remember where he worked.
           I explained this theory to my mom. She understands all that I say. “Ok,” My mom says. She knows something, but what walked countless hours trying to find where the Continental army is. 5 days later with nothing to eat, I found a sign. The sign had a picture of my dad’s gun and my gun. “Warning” the sign said. “If you go the wrong way, you will be in trouble.” I didn’t forget my gun if you were all wondering. I went the way that had a picture of my gun because I don't want to get punished.

Dad’s perspective
          I suddenly hear the phone ring, at four in the morning. I didn't want to answer. I waited three minutes to answer the message. It was Tammy, my wife. “Tommy will help you.” She said. That was the end of the message. I tried to call her back, but I got no response because it was probably two AM for her. I guess I have to wait and see what she means.

Tommy’s perspective
          I finally found someone wearing a blue suit with a hat most likely for combat. He must be heading out of here,” I said to myself. “You there!” he shouted in my direction. All I could do is wave back and walk up to him. He looked intimidating. When I was a few yards away, he suddenly asks, “Show  me your gun.” I showed him my gun and the mysterious person suddenly shakes my hand. “Welcome to this army. I am your general, George Washington. I expect good things from you, soldier,”.    George Washington said. “Where do I stay,” I asked. “Wherever you like,” the general of the continental army said. “Thank you, sir,” I said. I decided to stay a bit near Washington because I’m new in this army. One hour later when I get settled in I suddenly hear an announcement from a speaker. It was Washington. “All troops, collect your weapons and gear. We’re off tomorrow morning!” A shiver goes down my spine. “I have a bad feeling about this.
    The next morning, I feel scared, I wonder why? Normally, I’m always ready for a challenge. I find myself in the front of the line. I march nervously all the way to the Guilford Courthouse. We get there like three weeks after we laid  our first step on the ground. The general commands us to attack, but the first person I set my eyes on was someone familiar. I have a guess who the person is. “Dad?” I asked.

Dad’s perspective
    “Son,” I asked. I can’t believe it! My own son is in the army! There’s something that bothers me. “Why are you working for the army that is the opposite side?” I asked. “What do you mean?” He asked. “Didn't you see the sign for the warning?” “What warning?” I asked. “Never mind,” said Tommy. My army retreated and The British lost the battle.
    “This looks like a good spot to settle,” my general said in Yorktown Virginia. His name is George Cornwallis. As I find somewhere to settle, I scroll through my phone for any sign photos. A minute later, I find a sign photo on my phone. “Oh no,” I said as I to call my son.
Tommy’s Perspective
    I suddenly hear my phone ring. It was my father. “I’m very sorry, son.” He suddenly says. “For what?’ I asked. I could tell that my dad sounded panicked. “The gun that I gave you wasn't the same gun as mine. “What?” I asked. “Why, dad! Why would you do this? We could've been on the same side, and you call me right now just to admit that!” I am so upset right now. “Why can't you switch sides?” He asked.” “The sign, remember?” I asked with tears in my eyes. “I'll switch then,” said my father banging on a table. “I don't care about the consequences. I just care if you are safe. If you die, take me with you. I'm switching sides!” Shouted my father.
           It’s been a few months since I have heard about my father. I suddenly hear a loud knock on the general’s door. I’m curious, however. As I open my door, I see no one.
Dad’s perspective
           “General of the continental army, can I please be your ally in the fight against the British.” I said bowing my head. “Show me your gun,” said the general. I showed him my gun and he said, “get rid of him.” “Wait,” someone said. It was my son. “Please give him a chance,” he said. “I guess I could do that. Now leave before I change my mind,” the general said.
Tommy's perspective
          I am so thankful that the general let my dad join the continental army.

Our next battle is the one at Yorktown Virginia. As we fought, the British realized our independence. Our treaty for our piece has been signed with the assist of the French

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