April 2, 2017
By , Bristol, PA

Exhausted, I'm feeling tired, sweat dripping down my face leaving a wet river downside my eye, my heart is beating like it has never before. While every time that I run out of the little stamina that I Have I have to motivate myself by thinking “ How will she react, will she cry, would she hug me with all the love in the world delivered to me and both of us crying in joy of what has just happened” each time it would get me more curious. I see the trees by my side, they make me think of a beautiful place that I would be, that I would love to be, a place like heaven sleeping on a cushiony pillow and feeling more comfortable that I've felt in my life. The wind passes by my face while clearing up the sweat, I see the graceful rivers of Virginia besides the beautiful hills in the background, I finally see my house and run faster then before. Panting, I open the door very slowly, at the same time the door creeks very high pitched, my mother asks, “ How’d your day go?”.

It was ok especially the part that they accepted me! “ Really…”, “ Uhh yes”. I already felt the emotion that she had about me being accepted to college, I could see it in her beautiful blue eyes. She started to cry, hugged with the memory of my father in Spain, when she hugged me She told me stories of my father having such a nice life and being so successful. She walked me toward the mirror in the kitchen and demonstrated how similar I was to my dad, my father had good grades coming out the High School level at church while at the same time I did too. My dad started to like baking and went to college right after that just for baking, and I want to do the same thing too. My mother was so happy that she willing to take us out to eat at the bar nearby the inn by the river, when we got there was a nice man that opened the door for us with a wide smile.

The man showed us around the bar and pointed us to a room in the back, there was an axe on my right side coming into the door and the man takes us out of the bar and we look around and ask him, “ What are you doing”? Right away he takes out a knife and threatens me, not to come close, and ran away with my mom landed her in his wagon controlled by horses, his hand over her mouth while he forces the horses to go faster with the other. I see them leave and start crying and think, “ That's my mom and she's my everything”  *SOB* . I started to run after the wagon faster than how I was when I was rushing to tell her about my graduation earlier today, I chased them for minutes as long as I could but each minute the wagon would get farther and farther, they took a left, I Think. “Should a take a left, or no?” Not knowing where to go, I took a left.

Two hours later, I'm on the floor, hungry observing the trees to see if i could find a fruit. The beach is right in front of me, maybe I can check for anything to eat, then all of a sudden my stomach starts to growl at me, the pain from my stomach makes me scream so hard that someone from a mile away could hear it.            
“ I need to make it… I just need to”, I whispered, I’m crawling while there is pieces of shells in my shoes sand on my shirt and a very uncomfortable weird creature on my shoulder. I’m too dehydrated I think, each time I crawl forward i get weaker and weaker until finally I stopped. I can’t remember where I fell plain dead on the floor, but I still remember that I did Somewhere looking for something to eat.

When I wake up, I see a tall, straight, and strong man in a red coat armed with a very powerful weapon that I learned at school just about a week ago. Wait, I said in my head, are those the British. Why would they come to Virginia? I asked, “ why did you pick me”, they responded, “ You looked like the right guy… what are your specialties.” “ uh… cooking”, “is that all, “yes”. With a might yell the red coat swung at the horses for us to go full speed. We entered a camp out in the woods, there was many red coats with weapons, many trees were cut and there was a tremendous amount of space for the British to rest in. The British already had bad interest in me, everyone was arguing with the tall, straight, and strong man that brung me here, then some other red coats came over and observed me, then they asked the man, “ you went hundreds of miles for this young fella’, yeah why did you bring him”, “ I thought we needed more people”, “ NO, who said that, we definitely don't need weak, punny, young people in our army”. “ He said he's good at cooking”, we don't need a YOUNG CHILD!” They kicked me out right away. For some strange reason they set me back in Virginia, it turns out the guy that took me was a spy for the British to assure the area was safe. Then I see another man who asks me, “do you want to work your dream job for money”, I responded, “Of course”. The man took me to another camp out, “are you the American army?”, yes we certainly indeed are the American Army and we need a cook, are you in. “Definitely, I am already here anyways can't go home,” Good let's start. All I remember is that the guy had white hair and wooden teeth, “my first order of business for you is to feed the men in the corner tent.

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