Revolutionary war short story

March 31, 2017
By , Bristol, PA

The date is August 3, 1776, the time is 5:23 a.m. by the clock. My name is Frederick, I am a slave. Master has me do my daily routine, i am to do the cleaning, the washing, the cooking, the polishing, the grooming, and all the help I've had is the old washer woman who does not even do anything, she forces it on me, and blames me for her mistakes. I was cleaning out the chamber pot when I was called to the master’s room. I walked down the hall when I heard the master discussing something.

I stand at the door and knock on the frame. He looks over and tells me to enter. I walk in front of his chair and ask why he has beckoned for me. He says I will be fighting in his place. The guest he had turned out to be a recruiter for the continental army. So I will have to fight in his place so he does not have to fight. This is such a typical thing for me. As I walk out the door with the recruiter, the only thought that brings me joy is the thought that, the washerwoman will have to do work.

The date is August 5 1776, the time is 8:51 a.m. the routine I have now, is to practice marching, go eat, stay with the regiment, and so forth. This has actually given me better food to eat. Not just scraps that are left over. Some of the other men in the regiment are finding me a good way to entertain themselves. They appear to classify themselves higher than me, just because I am African. I am even having to conceal that I am write this.

The date is August 12 1776, the time is 10:51, today they made us march to New York, this was unbelievably difficult. Considering we did not have much for a meal when we marched. We are moving gathering our troops here. Though I have heard there is a british ship heading toward our location

The date is August 27 1776,the time is close to midnight, we are having a confrontation with the british. They managed to flank us. Our numbers are dropping dramatically, it's as if they outnumber us two to one. The man next to me just got hit by a musket ball, the british are advancing towards our locations. The men in my regiment, are dropping faster. I am pinned down, I hear another soldier around the corner. he is getting closer, I can hear his breath, he is searching for me, I don't think he has seen me ye………

*British soldier runs forward, stops, nudges Frederick’s head with hilt of rifle, sees musket shot to the chest, continues forward*

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