Lost by trees

March 30, 2017
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Antonio Contreest was a spy for the patriots to try to protect his family from the British army. He found out later that he was the one who needed protection. Antonio got caught trying to infiltrate the British campsite. Antonio was brought to a hidden area in a forest where he was appositely assassinated.


The British thought wrong because Antonio survived and was still alive just injured. After the British left his body Antonio got up and ran further in the forest. He found himself at a tree fort. “ Should I trust ,this?” Antonio asked himself. He decided to go up anyway. He ends up finding a map some food and water.
Antonio climbed down the tree fort and walked for several miles. After he finished his walk he set up camp. “ Glad i went into the tree fort” ,Antonio thought to himself. The next morning after Antonio ate breakfast he walked for about five hours he fell into a ditch. He waited half an hour till he decided to just set up camp for the night.

Antonio was awoken by some noise then some rough fabric came over his face and passed out. Antonio woke up to see several scared and tan men with clubs, hatchets, and knives. They asked him “Where is your camp?” Antonio replied with “ I don’t kno-” One of the men hit Antonio in the face with their club. Pain filled Antonio’s head as blood went down his cheek. “ I don’t know I was supposed to be a spy against the British and I was supposed to be killed!” Antonio said. The men went outside of the hut they were in and started to mumble to each other.

When they came back in they wrapped antonio’s hands in rope. The men took Antonio on a tour around their village and told him where he will stay until sunrise. Otherwise, the men took off the rope and gave Antonio food and water. Sunrise came and Antonio left and walked for three hours until he found a comrade “ HEY!! CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE?” Antonio yelled. The colonist turned around and raised his musket. “Who are you and give me a reason to not shoot.” The colonist retorted “ I need help I’m a spy for the patriots and i work for George Washington.” Antonio pleaded “ I went to get information on the British and they thought they killed me but they only injured me and I got away.”

“ Just in case I’m going to tie a rope around your hands” the patriot exclaimed. The Patriot did as he said and took him to the camp. Where Antonio met George Washington. In split second time Antonio felt pain rush through his chest. Antonio collapsed on the ground slowly dying. Then everything went black for Antonio. The patriots fought back as the camp started filling with red. “RETREAT!” George Washington screamed. That was the end for Antonio Contreest.

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