May 12, 2013
Imagine being a terrified freshman on the first day of high school. Expectations range like points on a scatter plot. You are not quite sure where to go and dread getting in the way of the returning pupils. You feel insecure and out of place. Suddenly, you long for the eighth grade again, when you were at the top of the social food chain. You then think to yourself, how can this get any worse? Then, completely out of nowhere, a hot shot senior smashes you up against a locker, your books flying in all different directions. It’s official: you have a bully.

This is only a little taste of a daily occurrence for several students. Some students are mocked, tormented, or abused relentlessly bullies. In some cases, bullying has gotten so malicious that teenagers have been deterred from attending school because of these enduring conditions. The students opt to stay home in order to avoid being a target for the pranks of a bully and sacrifice falling behind on school work to do it. Some victims have even committed suicide to end their sufferings. With all these occurrences going on everywhere the question still lingers: Why do the bullies continue to bully?

Bullies terror, what they consider, the weak students. Bullies consider if these students are homosexual, lack a decent sense of fashion, and other factors. They select these students because they are different, and that gives the bully the pretense that they are superior. Bullies single out what’s not perfect in others so that others do not see their flaws. The bullies are extremely self-conscious and insecure and therefore, lower other children’s self-esteem in order to raise theirs.
Though bulling is beginning to get the attention it needs, the problem is still a nationwide issue that is causing many to put themselves at risk.

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