Lost in Flight

September 12, 2011
By bradley suthers BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
bradley suthers BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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It’s December 4, 1945, we just finished an exhausting week of training for the day and now we are on our way to the bar to have some fun. Though I am excited that the week is over I can’t stop thinking about tomorrow. The longer I thought the more lost I became. Not realizing it I became so deep in my thought that I could not even hear the car running anymore.

“James, James, JAMES!” Harry yelled at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Stop thinking let’s just have fun tonight and forget about tomorrow, you will forget all about it once we are there cay.” He replied.
I just nodded in agreement so that we would not have any argument about whether I was scared or not. The ride seemed like it took forever but that’s just because we have been flying all week. Finally, we arrive at the nearest bar. The guys get out but I don’t I just sat there waiting for the driver to take off so that I wouldn’t have to go.

Finally Harry came back and had to drag me out of the car. When I walked into the bar it seemed that everybody was staring at me but that’s cause all of my senses are in heightened from the long days. The first drink went down with ease, so did the second. A few minutes later I’m in the bathroom puking my guts out. When I finished puking I stared into the puke and saw the oddest thing ever. I stared at a few pieces of chicken I ate earlier but that wasn’t the strange part it was that they were in the shape of a triangle in the ocean.

December 5, 1945 aka the next day, 5 A.M.
Ohhhh, as I wake up the things that happened from the night before now caught up to me. I wonder if everybody else feels like I do because I feel like I puked out my brains last night. As I sit here all I can think about is how are we going to fly planes feeling like this. Ding,… ding,… ding, the alarm went off for everyone to wake.

As we stand out on the front of our hut I’m thinking to myself that please dear god don’t pick me as leader today.

“Sargent James!” the Chief training instructor hollered out.

“Yes Sir” I yelled.

“You will be leading the boys in flight today so saddle up boys”

S*** the worst thing that could possibly happen just happened. O well I’ll just hurry up and get this day over with so I can go back to being copilot. Today was no ordinary day I could tell when I had woken up and saw that there was no lights on in the compound, the moon was a new moon, and yet there was a strange ora coming from Steves closet.

Today I will have to lead a group of five men in a training exercise and we will be flying in a plain that I have never been in. The TBM Avenger Torpedo Bomber is the one plain that I have to fly and it is one of the hardest to lead. Flight 19 my flight group number, my unlucky number.

Twelve rolled around and it was time for us to start up and fly. I took off first followed by the others. It was a simple training exercise take off fly around for an hour then land on the ship again. We had flown for 30 minutes when all the gadgets on the plain went hay wire, but then went normal again.

One came and passed and it felt that we were just flying in circles but in the ocean there’s no way to tell by looking a crossed it.

Two was here I decided to try and see if I could catch a frequency over the radio.

“Hello anybody out there this is flight 19 and we are running low on fuel I need a place for me and my crew to fill up.” I stated three or four more time.

“We hear you loud and clear flight 19 what’s your location.” Someone responded

“I do not know sir. We flew through some strange deal that messed up all of our computer systems.” I replied twice before realizing that I had lost them in the transmission of the radio. I knew I was not going to make it. We ran out of fue………...

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