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UnIntended Target books one and two

August 21, 2011
By BloodRoseLover96 SILVER, Michigan City, Indiana
BloodRoseLover96 SILVER, Michigan City, Indiana
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book one
UnIntended Target
October 12, 2009
Daddy says that we have to move again. This time to a base in Iowa. What a lousy place! The high School only holds one-hundred students! They are all military brats like me. My name is Jane Ludwig, and I am fifteen years old. Daddy and I have moved seven times in the past year. We were in Hawaii in January, Washington D.C. in February, finally ending up in Iowa in October. I loose friends as soon as I make them. Whatever, I will survive.

October 19th
It is month eight out of twelve. It is my birthday. Sweet Sixteen. God, I miss mom so much. I wish she could be here today. She is watching me from above now. Dad gave me a set of walkie-talkies. I love them. My code name is Alpha Fox. Daddy’s is Mega Fox.

October 29th
We have a new student in the class. He is from Japan. Hiro is a cool guy. We hang out all the time. I tell him about all the top secret stuff Dad and I talk about. Hiro seems very interested.

November 12th
It is month eleven out of twelve. Someone came to the door today asking for Dad. They said it was important that I get him. I hear hushed arguing in the kitchen. I hear the words spy and Hiro. What! No wonder he was so interested! I move closer to the door way. I hear biological warfare and leaked, classified information. I walk in the room and tell Officer John and Dad about what I told Hiro.

November 13th
Japan has the information it needs to bomb the U.S and it is all my fault! Dad explained that this was in no way my fault. I know it is far from the truth. I am a traitor. I know it.

November 28th
We were told this morning that the entire base is being evacuated to Puerto Rico. Dad had to stay. Japan is going to use our technology against us. A letter was sent to my door today. It was from Hiro. He wrote that he was so sorry that this harmed me. He loves me. Hiro’s father wanted him to be a spy, then he met me. He wanted to take it back but it was too late. I cried the entire plane ride. I read the letter over and over. Why?

December 1st
The Air Base was bombed. Daddy was killed. Who will I have now? I am being put in a foster home on an Air Base in Indiana. Daddy, I love you. I am so sorry. Alpha Fox out.

Book #2

December 9th, 2010
Some things eat at you like a virus. They weaken you and put you in a vulnerable state. I cry sometimes. I cannot stop. The Jonahs are good people, but they are not my father. Joseph is an Airman like Father was. Mary has suggested counseling to help me work out my hurt. On my seventeenth birthday we went down to the state fair stopped in Michigan City for a week. Michigan City is a place of love and friendship. We will be living here until I finish high school. School is a battle every day. I try to focus. We had a lesson on warfare in history today. We talked about the bombing of the Iowa Air force Base that killed my father. Mr. Parks asked the class who heard about this incident. I, of course, raised my hand. He asked me what I knew about it. “I knew a man who was killed.” “How did you know him?” ”He was my father.” I stated this with a twig of sadness, yet at the same time I hid my true despair and depression. Whomever was not paying attention was now. “I am sorry for your loss. I am sure your father was a good man.” “He was a good man, better than most.” The classroom was full of buzz. After class, Mr. Parks asked me if there was anything he or the school could do for me. I told him I was fine. He mentioned that if I needed to talk I could always go to him.

December 11th
I was hearing a lot about the air force brat with the dead father yesterday. I tried to ignore it. Prom is coming up. I have had my eye on someone for a while now. I finally had the guts to ask him yesterday. He said yes!

December 30th
Prom was heaven. Scott was so kind and caring. He kissed me. My first kiss! I cannot believe it! It was amazing! We graduate January nineteenth.

January 19th, 2011
We graduate today. I am so excited! I wish Mom and Dad could be here. They would be so proud. Scott asked where my mom was. I told him that she was murdered when I was ten. I found her in the bushes next to our house on base in Idaho.

January 20th
Scott proposed to me! We were at the Beach and he got down on one knee. I did not know what to say at first. Of course, I said yes. We told Mary and Joseph later that night. We have a wedding date set for the eighteenth of February.

February 2nd
Scott got a letter today. He has to go to Iraq for a year and a half. What will I do? I broke down and cried when he told me. He deploys tomorrow. Please keep him safe.

To be continued…..

The author's comments:
military life is hard. It has its ups and downs....

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